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Alyssa Farah Griffin slams 'The View' hosts over 'toxic femininity', Internet says 'the worst year' for show

Griffin was addressing 'toxic femininity' when her co-host Ana Navarro interrupted her due to a disagreement about her decision to work in the Trump administration
Alyssa Griffin accused her co-hosts on 'The View' of creating a hostile work environment (@NickFondacaro/Twitter)
Alyssa Griffin accused her co-hosts on 'The View' of creating a hostile work environment (@NickFondacaro/Twitter)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'The View's conservative host was reportedly addressing "toxic femininity" when things took a bad turn and she slammed her colleague for fostering the same culture on the live show that aired on Monday, December 5, 2022. Former Donald Trump adviser and Pentagon spokeswoman Alyssa Farah Griffin joined the liberal chat show 'The View' in August 2022. Since then, Griffin, 33, has been regularly attacked by her co-hosts on the show. After witnessing a controversy-filled year on the show, furious fans claimed, "This is easily the worst year for The View."

According to the Daily Mail, Griffin was addressing "toxic femininity" when her co-host Ana Navarro interrupted her based on a disagreement about her decision to work in Donald Trump's administration. Griffin in her defense did not hold back and accused the other presenters of being intolerant and the platform of fostering the same culture. "We've come a long way in critiquing some of the male practices that are not helpful, and need to be called out," Griffin began.


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She claimed that women could be each other's worst enemies, and said that some of her worst bosses and colleagues have been women. Co-host Ana Navarro then interrupted her, "That's what happens when you work with Kellyanne Conway." Griffin, frustrated, replied, "Well, I can't really get a word in without you attacking me, so I wouldn't say this is totally different." Social media users have applauded Griffin for defending herself and criticized the show for allowing a toxic work culture. 

A user wrote on Twitter, "I think @Alyssafarah is the best Republican they have on the show so far, and i love how she defended herself. I love @ananavarro a lot, but the attacks on Alyssa are getting old."

Another user claimed, "Bravo Alyssa. For a second I could not believe my ears but SO happy that you spoke up about Ana being a bully much too often & picking on Alyssa who was not at all overreacting..pelease....Ana loves to interrupt & bully much too much. Don't get it, she used to be nicer."

One user chimed, "I agree with all u said. Ana is a bully to Alyssa !!!! Mean girl. I used to be such a fan of Ana.. no more" "As a devotee of The View for 15 years, I think she may be finally realizing that they all, except Sara Haines, hate her guts dead. Let’s see if she has the gumption to finally speak up instead of hoping they will like her. This is easily the worst year for The View. I surrender," a user remarked.

A user defended Anna and wrote, "Anna was making a remark about Kellyann Conway, not Griffin. This was an unfair shot at Anna."






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