Is 'Almost Family' cancelled? After a month-long postponment, fans fear Fox will axe show after Season 1

The last episode was aired on October 16, 2019. And now with almost a month-long wait, fans are getting worried

                            Is 'Almost Family' cancelled? After a month-long postponment, fans fear Fox will axe show after Season 1

Possible spoilers for season 1 of 'Almost Family' 

Fox's drama 'Almost Family' is a story of three sisters Julia (Brittany Snow), Edie (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and Roxy (Emily Osment) and how they are united under unnatural circumstances. 

Several years ago, Julia's father Dr Leon Bechley (Timothy Hutton), an award-winning fertility expert, cheated hundreds of women seeking artificial impregnation by inseminating them with his own sperm.

While this easily falls under assault, 'Almost Family' has a different spin to it — one that hasn't been explored seriously. So far, the sisters, who also form a unique bond despite being related in the weirdest of way.

Giving it a comical spin so far, the major characters on 'Almost Family' are still reeling from the aftermath of Dr Bechley's secret getting out in the open. At the same time, they have personal issues to grapple with. Julia finds herself in an existential dread after discovering that her father is not the person she had thought all her life he was.

Roxy, who was a celebrated athlete, is now out of work and doing birthday parties for money. Edie is desperate to come to terms with her sexuality as she starts an affair with Amanda Doherty (Victoria Cartagena), the lawyer who is prosecuting Leon (Edie is defending him). Obviously, this is not going to bode well for her marriage with Tim (Mo McRae) as tensions between her and her husband are due to rise.

In the midst of this, after the third episode, 'Notorious AF', aired on October 16, 2019, the show hasn't returned to Fox. 

It didn't air last week because of the 2019 World Series. It didn't air earlier today because Fox's 'The Masked Singer' overrun its running time, leaking into the 'Almost Family' slot, and went on for two hours.

With the fourth episode 'Fake AF' that features Michael Urie in a guest appearance postponed for three weeks now, fans had thought that the show was just taken off air suddenly. "I actually was concerned it already got cancelled when it hadn't been on for three weeks. I love this show so much already and I am so worried it's going to get cancelled now," grieved a fan.

Many are are worried Fox will cancel the show after season 1. "Look like this might get cancelled. I understand about World Series but 'The Masked Singer', they could air any other night?" asked a fan. 

Others are obliterating the network for postponing the "good show". "MISSING #AlmostFamily AGAIN, DAMN IT! @FOXTV finally puts a good show on, and we are gonna lose it to ANOTHER crappy singing reality show. Which btw, spare people your pathetic attempt at suspense: like there's really a great struggle to take their mask off! So stupid!"

According to the official press site, the fourth episode of 'Almost Family' titled 'Fake AF' airs on November 13, 2019

'Almost Family' airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET/PT on Fox.

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