'All That Glitters': Live stream, release date, plot, cast, trailer and all about Lifetime thriller based on VC Andrews' novel

Join Ruby Landry on her quest to discover and unearth the darkest, most twisted secrets of her other family that her grandmother kept from her

                            'All That Glitters': Live stream, release date, plot, cast, trailer and all about Lifetime thriller based on VC Andrews' novel
Rachelle Banno as Ruby Landry in 'All That Glitters' (Lifetime)

VC Andrews' bestselling Landry novels are being explored for the screen in the form of four separate Lifetime thrillers, arriving this March. For those clueless, the Landry books are the second highest-selling series from Andrews, with the Lifetime films being the latest adaptation of the author's work, following the 2020 Casteel movie series. The center of attention is Ruby Landry, whose life is embroiled in her mysterious dark past and twisted tales of her family that her spiritual grandmother kept from her all her life. Among the four novels, 'All That Glitters' comes as the third one in the series.

Read on to find out all about when the film is dropping on Lifetime Movies.

Release date

The four Landry films will arrive in the form of two sets, over the span of two consecutive weekends. The first two, 'Ruby' and 'Pearl' will premiere on March 20, and March 21 respectively. Then comes 'All That Glitters' on Saturday, March 27, at 8 pm on Lifetime. Finally, 'Hidden Jewel' premiers on March 28 on the network.


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According to the official synopsis given by Lifetime, "All That Glitters picks up as Ruby is driven from the Dumas mansion and returns to her beloved childhood home in the bayou where she's intent on creating a new life for her baby girl, Pearl. Ruby's high school sweetheart, Paul, once again is there to support her, and when he moves her into his impressive home, she has new hope for the future. However, Ruby can't escape the judging eyes of Paul's mother Gladys who knows Ruby and Paul's dark secret and Giselle continues to torment Ruby when she reveals news about Beau, Pearl's real father and Ruby's true love. Ruby longs for another life. The web of deceit continues when Giselle falls into a coma and Ruby finds herself lured into a twisted plan to be with Beau."


Raechelle Banno plays the role of Ruby throughout the franchise, with Karina Banno playing the role of Ruby's evil twin Giselle. Sam Duke plays the role of Paul, with Kristian Alfonso joining the cast as Paul's mother Gladys. Ty Wood also reprises his role of Beau from the earlier films in the franchise.

Lauralee Bell asDaphne Dumas, Gil Bellows as Pierre Dumas, Rachelle Banno as Ruby, and Karina Banno as Giselle in 'Ruby' (Lifetime)


Director Michael Robison is helming the project with Scarlett Lacey adapting VC Andrews' original book for the screen. Robison's credited works brags of several popular thrillers directed by him, like 'The Collector', 'R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour', 'The Outer Limits', and 'Poltergeist: The Legacy'.


Although a separate trailer for 'All That Glitters' is yet to be resealed, Lifetime already has a teasing, titillating, enticing trailer for the first part 'Ruby' that might give viewers a fair idea of what to expect from the franchise. Check it out right below, but also watch this space for more updates on the trailer for 'All That Glitters'!


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