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'All in a day's twerk': Viral video shows woman twerking on a security guard's face as he handcuffs a man

The episode happened right after a Kansas City Chiefs game when the two security guards chased down two men and nabbed one
A woman started twerking on a police officer's face as he and his partner were apprehending a man (NoPlugMedia/Twitter)
A woman started twerking on a police officer's face as he and his partner were apprehending a man (NoPlugMedia/Twitter)

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: A video of a woman twerking on an officer's face during a very tense moment has gone viral on the internet. The identities of any of the parties involved are not known. Also, when exactly it happened is not confirmed yet but it has been said that somewhere in mid-November 2022, two security guards had to take action when two men got involved in a fight after a Kansas City Chiefs game.

The dramatic fight and the subsequent chase soon turned entertaining when the woman entered the scene and began dancing seductively, attracting a lot of attention on social media. It also drew Mayor Quinton Lucas’ attention, who tweeted, “Like many, I’ve seen video circulating of violent individuals fighting private security officers. As with recent violent assaults, our police department will investigate, present charges, and bring to justice those causing mayhem on our streets.”


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The one-minute and five seconds video starts with two men being chased by two guards engulfed in the middle of a busy road. Then, the a man in a grey sweatshirt, whose face was hidden with a full black mask, soon disappears but another man in a green jacket was caught by the guards, who seemingly try to handcuff him. As they struggle, suddenly the woman comes and within seconds, begins twerking on one of the cops’ faces while onlookers hoot. She can also be heard saying, “Y'all came here for me!”





A lot of people have commented on the "hilarious" scene. A person tweeted, “They better thank their lucky stars those weren’t trigger happy cops.” Another user wrote, “She definitely a cardi b fan.” A third user shared, “Shout out to the cops not shooting they had every right too in this situation we need more composed cops like these guys.” The fourth one said, “Is the twerking a defense mechanism? Am I supposed to be afraid? Really strange to me.”




A person jokingly shared, “I believe the cop enjoyed the trek moment.” Another person stated, “The cop looked right into her soul… and what he saw terrified him.” The third one remarked, “I like how she the only one ain’t afraid of the gun too.” A user even asked, “Do these people forget that they will certainly be arrested for assaulting police?”




Meanwhile, several people reacted to Lucas’ tweet with one commenting, “Lucas you need to work better with the Westport business owners regarding the security, they are the ones having to pay but you and city Council decide on the security provided. Embarrassing for KC when this goes viral.” Another critic added, “We need a big street gang war to break out. Let these fools continue to do us favors by purging each other out. We need to thin out that particular heard of misfits. It would be a little messy for a time being. But, the Good far out weigh the bad.”

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