'She is going to be broken forever': Shocking video shows tennis player, 14, being kicked, punched by dad

'She is going to be broken forever': Shocking video shows tennis player, 14, being kicked, punched by dad
The video shows the father kicking and slapping 14-year-old player before throwing her to the ground and kicking her again (@lojzija/Twitter video screenshot)

Warning: This article contains footage of abuse that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised

SERBIA, BALKANS: A shocking video of a young tennis player being viciously assaulted following a practice session in Serbia has gone viral, horrifying the tennis fraternity. A male, who is said to be her father, kicks and slaps a 14-year-old player in the disturbing clip before throwing her to the ground and kicking her again. Igor Juric, an anti-violence activist, shared the video and claimed that the horrible episode was the result of a subpar training session. 

"Another brutal violence of father against daughter. I received information that it was a family coming from China. We will file criminal charges against this monster as well," the anti-violence activist wrote in his post on Twitter. Officers from the Palilula police station identified and detained a Chinese national who was thought to be the individual in the video, according to the Belgrade Ministry of Internal Affairs, as reported by the New York Post.


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Speaking to Sportskeeda, anti-violence activist Igor Juric, stated, "I can say that I am mildly shocked, regardless of the many terrible things we have seen, this has left the strongest impression so far." He added, "The reason for this violent behavior was alleged that one of the coaches, who was working with her at that moment, said that she did not put in enough effort and that she did not want to move, ie, to do what was asked of her. Allegedly, this was the reason for this crude and brutal violence that happened."

Juric stated that he was familiar with the pair's identities and planned to lodge a criminal complaint, adding, "These are Chinese citizens, but I can’t tell you how many others live in Serbia. What I know is that the abusive father does not speak the Serbian language." 

Meanwhile, the tennis fraternity has reacted with anger to the footage, with players condemning the incident. Pam Shriver, the former world number one in doubles, has asked Serbian and top player Novak Djokovic to help "stop the abuse." She responded to the viral video of Igor and wrote, "OMG we all need to report, and press charges against this kind of horrible abuse. #tennisunitedagainstabuse". Patrick Mouratoglou, a Tennis coach and Chairman & CEO @MouratoglouAcad+ wrote, "This is absolutely unacceptable. Horrible. No other word. We have to eradicate any kind of abuse on children whether they are physical or psychological. It touches every sector of our civil society. Not only tennis. Let’s think how we can eradicate it in our sport."




Daria Saville, Aussie tennis player tweeted, "This girl is going to be broken forever If you think someone is getting physically or mentally abused please support them and encourage them to talk to someone who can help. Offer to help them find a local domestic violence agency or offer to go the police." Another tweet came from Paula Badosa, World No. 12 who wrote, "This is crazy!!!!! The worst thing is that it is not the only case in our sport. People putting their f… frustrations on the athlete. fed up! Please report it!" Rennae Stubbs, a former Australian star turned commentator, said, "Wow disgusting!!! Sadly this happens ALL THE TIME but we sadly don’t have it on film. Anyone who abuses their kids is just a POS."





The activist also wrote on his Twitter along with his video interview with a news channel saying no one reported the violence. "The abuser was arrested, but the video of the abuse of the girl circulated among tennis coaches in Belgrade for two weeks and no one reported the violence. Will the girl's coach be suitable? TK Crvena Zvezda? Tennis Association of Belgrade? T. Federation of Serbia? Or maybe no one…?"

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