Alissa Carlson Schwartz: Chilling footage shows LA meteorologist's eyes roll up as she faints live on air

Alissa Carlson Schwartz: Chilling footage shows LA meteorologist's eyes roll up as she faints live on air
Nine years ago in 2014, Alissa Carlson Schwartz threw up during a weather report while working at another station (Instagram/@schwartz.alissa, Twitter/@ImMeme0)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Alissa Carlson Schwartz, an award-winning meteorologist for CBS’ owned and operated KCAL, fainted on Saturday morning, March 18, on air. The incident occurred at around 7 am broadcast with co-anchors Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim introducing Schwartz when her eyes rolled back even before starting the weather report. She began leaning forward, and lost consciousness before falling out of her seat and onto the floor.


Her co-anchors didn't seem to notice at first, after Medina said, "Let’s start off with a check of your next weather with meteorologist Alissa Carlson [Schwartz]," as the cameras panned to Schwartz. However, Medina said, as per The Sun, "Alissa, this is really the calm before the storm." Just a few seconds later, Kim reacts with "oh" in shock as Schwartz falls out of her seat. Medina immediately informs the audience, "You know, we're going to go ahead and go to break, right now." "Yeah," said Kim. The show did not return to the live newscast but instead aired pre-recorded and promotional programming before leading into other coverage. CBS LA vice president and news director Mike Dello Stritto later informed that Schwartz is being treated in the hospital.


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'I'm going to be ok!'

Mike Dello Stritto later said, as stated by NZ Herald, “Our colleague Alissa Carlson became ill during our 7 AM newscast this morning. I want to thank her co-workers who took immediate action to comfort Alissa and call 911. Alissa is being treated at the hospital right now. Hopefully, we’ll know more shortly. In the meantime, Alissa will be in our thoughts and we’re praying for her to be feeling much better soon.” Schwartz, a former Mrs America contestant, later took to her own social media and thanked her fans for their support. She wrote, “Thanks for all the texts, messages, and calls! I'm going to be ok!"



What caused Alissa Carlson Schwartz to faint?

No one publicly commented on what caused Schwartz to faint. However, this is not the first time. Nine years ago in 2014, Schwartz threw up during a weather report while working at another station. She was later diagnosed with a leaky heart valve. In 2018, she gave an update on her condition, as per KGET, saying the valve had started to repair itself with stem cells from her daughter, Aris. 

Speaking about the first incident, Schwartz said, “I was getting ready for the morning show when I was filling in. All of a sudden, five minutes into the newscast, I threw up in the weather center. I went to the doctor and they said, ‘Have you ever thought about having a heart condition?'. I said ‘No.’ I am way too young for that I am very healthy." The diagnosis detected a leaky heart valve. She said, "They told me eventually it would have to be replaced, they didn’t know when. It would wear out and your would have to have replacement surgery." Following this, she and her husband Neil Schwartz adopted a healthier lifestyle and decided to have a baby. However, when her daughter Aris was nine months old, Schwartz started experiencing more chest pains and went through more tests. “It comes back, that the valve has started to repair itself. The stem cells from my baby had started to heal my heart. I feel like I owe it to people and God to give back and spread this story and help people realize you may have something you don’t even know you have,” she said.

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 Who is Alissa Schwartz? Chilling footage shows meteorologist's eyes roll as she faints on air