Woman beheaded 11-year-old son as lesbian lover held him down before slicing body parts and barbecuing them

Rosana Candido, 27, and Kacyla Pessoa, 28, have been given 65 and 64 years behind bars respectively

                            Woman beheaded 11-year-old son as lesbian lover held him down before slicing body parts and barbecuing  them
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A woman and her lesbian partner beheaded the former's 11-year-old boy before slicing his body parts off and barbecuing them. Rosana Candido and Kacyla Pessoa from Rhuan da Silva Castro near Brasilia in Brazil admitted to the horrific crime and were awarded 65 and 64 years behind bars respectively. The Sun reported that the boy, identified as Rhuan da Silva Castro, was sleeping when he was attacked. Candido stabbed him with a knife at least eleven times in the chest and eyes, while Pessoa clenched her down.

The 27-year-old mother then cut his head off from his body. After that, Candido and her 28-year-old partner chopped up the body and skinned his face. The couple also tried to barbecue the dead boy, but later packed the remains into two rucksacks and a suitcase. However, their brutality came to light after two young boys, who witnessed Candido throwing the suitcase near a nursery, opened it and found Rhuan's head inside it. The murder weapon was still stuck to the head.

Soon after that, the murderers were arrested and the evil mother told police that she "felt hatred and no love for the child". Police officer Guilherme Melo, who coordinated the case, said, “Rosana said she is very vindictive and even compared herself to the God of justice in the Old Testament." Investigation into the case found that Candido did not like the boy’s paternal side and that’s why she murdered him. Pessoa also has an eight-year-old daughter, who reportedly witnessed the murder. She reportedly went missing around the time when the child was killed but has now since returned to Rio Branco to live with her father. Maycon Douglas Lima de Castro, the victim's father, talked to local media after the pair were jailed and said: “It's still too little, but at least they will never leave the jail again."

In another incident that happened in Wyoming, part of the skull of a 12-year-old boy had to be removed after his father and stepmother tortured and beat him brutally. Ryan Hilyard and Sarah Hilyard were arrested for the alleged attack and charged with attempted murder and related offenses. Court documents stated that the stepmother took the unidentified boy to a local hospital in August in an unresponsive state. His condition was so critical that doctors had to intubate him at the time.

Doctors performed brain scans on the boy that revealed that he had brain swelling as well as bleeding, resulting in a brain shift. In addition, he had suffered a retinal hemorrhage, respiratory failure, and a traumatic brain injury. The parents told lies to the investigators and said he fell down a flight of stairs. But a search was conducted at their home and discovered that vomit had been cleaned up recently by someone in the victim’s room. They also saw soiled clothing. “The kitchen had locks on the cupboards with food. The fridge/freezer combo had locks on the fridge and freezer,” a detective mentioned in the documents. Further investigation revealed more harsh truths and Ryan and Sarah were put behind bars as they face attempted second-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and child abuse.

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