'Alexa & Katie' final season ends on emotional note, teary-eyed fans 'not ready to say goodbye' to BFFs

The inspirational high-school sitcom left viewers in sniffles after the BFFs went their separate ways to college making it one of the hardest scenes to watch for fans

                            'Alexa & Katie' final season ends on emotional note, teary-eyed fans 'not ready to say goodbye' to BFFs

Netflix dropped Part 2 of Season 3 of 'Alexa & Katie' this past Friday, June 12. It was the final one from the series and ended with the BFFs going their separate ways to pursue their college education. The final season was packed with a lot of emotional scenes, including the one in the final episode where the BFFs say goodbye to each other while they head to North Carolina and New York in their separate ways to pursue further education.

Paris Berelc and Isabel May, who play the titular characters, emoted the particular scene with sincere conviction leaving a lot of fans in tears. "Didn’t expect I'd cry that much because of Alexa and Katie's final episode. I’m definitely gonna miss them so much," wrote a fan on Twitter after watching the last episode from the final season that contained eight episodes. 

"I said during season one that I realize I’m not the target market for Alexa and Katie but here I am on season four and what a sweet little show it was. I just finished the final season and it really had me feeling somethings," wrote another fan. "I'm not ready to watch the final episodes of Alexa & Katie. I don't want it to be over!" wrote another.

Another tweet read, "Sorry to those who have been sleeping on Alexa and Katie for the past couple years but the final season came out today and I’m an emotional wreck." One user's comment read, "Alexa & Katie final episodes were so emotional. This show is so great. It shows different aspects and different perspectives per season. Well written and well-acted. I'm sad that it ended but I'm very satisfied with the ending. The Count on Me montage made me cry so hard."

"I REFUSE TO SAY GOODBYE TO THEM," wrote another fan. The show was just much more than two teenaged friends who go to school together. It was about them helping each other and standing rock solid right next to each other when life threw curveballs in their way be it cancer, crippling anxiety, panic attacks, boy problems, fear for what the future holds and much more.

The show might have run for just two years and three seasons but the pair of Alexa and Katie was received with much appreciation by fans and their friendship will go down as one of the most iconic ones in TV history.

All seasons are available on Netflix.

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