Internet divided over Alec Baldwin BEGGING fans to follow wife Hilaria on Instagram as 'birthday present'

Internet divided over Alec Baldwin BEGGING fans to follow wife Hilaria on Instagram as 'birthday present'
Alec Baldwin said in the video that 'he loves his wife' and that 'he’s crazy' about Hilaria Baldwin (Jason Mendez/Getty Images)

GREENWICH VILLAGE, NEW YORK: Alec Baldwin’s most recent request has his fans split into two. The 'Beetlejuice' actor, 64, took to Instagram recently to ask his followers to follow his wife Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram page, as she was just shy of one million followers. He asked the fans to do it as a ‘birthday present’ for his wife of 10 years, with whom he shares seven children.

According to Daily Mail, the actor’s wife, who is a former yoga instructor, turns 39 on January 6 and the Alec posted a video recently calling for his fans to help his wife reach a million followers. More recently, she had praised her husband in a video and called him ‘husband goals’ as he massaged her feet as they watched television together, away from their large brood of children.



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In the video, Baldwin sports a scruffy grey beard and a black t-shirt as he asks his followers for a favor. He requests them to follow his wife as a ‘birthday present’ or ‘even as a gesture’ and add to her follower count. He then goes on to say that "he loves his wife" and that "he’s crazy about her" and then asks for a great surge of people to follow his wife on Instagram and wish her a happy birthday. He ends the video by asking, ‘Would you do that for me? Please? Thanks.” The post is captioned, “Tomorrow is the birthday of my favorite person. May I ask you a favor?”



While Baldwin’s unusual request seems to have gained some traction as some of the comments on his post indicate that they did heed the actor’s request. But there were a lot of others questioning the need for this, with them labeling it ‘shallow.’

One user commented, “Done! Just followed her. Happy almost birthday @hilariabaldwin” and another said, “Nice gesture, but super shallow.” Another user expressed her shock and said, “what's wrong with you, I adored you. Now I think your loosing your mind.” A fourth user had made sure to let people know about how the importance of ‘likes’ was overrated and said, “No, but I will make a donation to a woman's shelter in her name. Placing importance of million 'Likes' on Instagram seems absurd.”


Another user was angry and commented, “You have to be joking. This weird shallow request makes me want to unfollow both of you!!” Another user also pointed out a better way to have gone about this and said, “I think highlighting a charitable cause would be much classier and more admirable, but I know she's still trying to make money as a "Spanish" influencer.”

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