Is BLACKPINK Rosé's album titled 'Rosé'? Fans speculate after YG releases posters, here’s all you need to know

Fans wondered if BLACKPINK member Rosé's solo debut will be titled after her name considering Jennie's solo single was called 'SOLO'

                            Is BLACKPINK Rosé's album titled 'Rosé'? Fans speculate after YG releases posters, here’s all you need to know
Singer Rose of BLACKPINK attends the Mulberry A/W 18 event at K museum on September 6, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea (Getty Images)

BLACKPINK has already shown how they go for effective but simple titles for the famous K-pop band members' solo debuts. Jennie's song titled 'SOLO' that debuted in 2020, a version of which was performed at their 'The Show', a virtual concert, is also indicative of how one of Rosé's songs in her solo debut might be titled after her stage name. 

Rosé's real name is Park Chae-young, and she is currently known famously as one of the vocalists of the K-pop band BLACKPINK. Rosé had in fact performed one of her solo tracks titled 'Gone' at the 'The Show' and her fans had been head over heels in love with her song. Since then, there has been speculation that she will not release just her solo debut single, but a mini album.


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With the release of teaser posters that portrays two different moods, fans believe that there could be more than one song in the works and with the posters flaunting Rosé's name in brilliant tones, many have speculated that this could be the title of the song or the album itself. 


When will Rosé's debut release?

YG, on Monday, released two teaser posters with Rosé and indicated that her debut is slated to take place on March 12. There has been no update regarding time, but fans are celebrating the moment as it has been long-awaited. In fact, news regarding Rosé's solo debut surfaced almost three years ago and Blinks have since been waiting for this exact moment. 

One of the teaser posters for Rosé's solo released by YG Entertainment on March 1. (YG Entertainment/Twitter)

One fan wrote on Reddit, "We joke that YG puts no effort into naming, but honestly I wouldn’t mind an eponymous album here? kinda like screaming THIS IS ROSÉ." Another fan agreed and wrote, "Yep i agree, would totally fit imo. Though i also kinda liked the naming conventions for 'the album', 'the show', etc Simple but effective!" 

One fan explained, "Same here. I think since they took so long to release one, it was literally THE Album for Blinks. And also, it broke so many records after release that it kinda added to that even more." To which another Blink responded, "Yeah it's just a name with impact, kinda iconic in a way. I think it works really well! Rosé's album being called Rosé would be totally something i am there for."

Rosé's debut is slated to release on March 12, and two teaser posters were released. (YG Entertainment)

How many songs will Rosé's debut album have?

The tracklist of the album or the number of songs has not been confirmed by Rosé's label YG Entertainment as of now. So far, she has already showcased one of the tracks titled 'Gone' at the concert and another song, which is expected to be the title song, has been confirmed. However, fans speculate that the only thing that they can expect from someone like YG is a mini album. One fan opined, "Yup, Gone and the title track but I want a proper mini album of 3-4 songs. I can't expect more, after all we are talking about YG lol." after one fan asked, "there are 2 confirmed songs already, right?"

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