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Woman swings pole at Frontier Airlines staffers in video after they tell her she’s on 'no-fly' list

The video shows the woman attacking the staffers behind the counter, throwing keyboards and abusing as her daughter cries and begs her to stop
Woman swinging a pole even as the little girl accompanying cries out 'mommy please' (Reddit/r/PublicFreakout/u/bbowell77)
Woman swinging a pole even as the little girl accompanying cries out 'mommy please' (Reddit/r/PublicFreakout/u/bbowell77)

Cases of passengers showing rage at airports are hardly new anymore, but every now and then, one of these take over the internet. On July 3, a video was uploaded to Reddit that showed a woman throwing luggage and swinging a pole at the staff at an airport as her daughter begged her to stop. The video has now gone viral with over 44K upvotes and 5.9K comments. 

The shocking video shows a woman throwing a fit at the airport and attacking Frontier Airlines employees after allegedly learning that she is on the "no-fly list". Many Redditors are showing concern for her child as she also goes behind the check-in desk before picking up a box to launch as the child cries hysterically.


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The video shows the woman quarreling with an employee at the counter who says, "You’re not flying with Frontier." The video was posted to r/PublicFreakout by u/bbowell77 and shows the woman insisting that she needs a ticket for the next day, but the employee again denies her a flight. Her child can be seen crying out, "mommy".

The woman then tells her to be quiet. After this, she goes behind the Frontier counter and begins attacking employees, throwing keyboards. After making her way behind the check-in desk she yells: "F**k outta here, b***h, f**k with me." The video shows one of her children crying and asking her to stop as she carries on. The unidentified woman then walks away with a man and the child before turning back, picking up a pole that is used to segregate lines and running at staff.


Her daughter can be seen crying out "mommy please", as she tells staff, "F**k with me. Go ahead." A security guard then appears, leading her away from the scene.

The video was posted under 'Airport Freakout' with the description, "Dads friend sent him this from work. Evidently, she was on the no-fly list. This is just insane. I feel so bad for the kid’s though."

On social media, it has caused quite a stir. "Well, now we know why she’s on the no fly list," one wrote. Many people theorized why she could possibly be on the no-fly list. "It’s definitely because of her radiantly, charming personality," one user wrote.

Many people were simply perplexed. "Did she think that this behavior was going to get her flying privileges reinstated? Like, why would anyone other than a small child or a wild animal act this way? How can an adult human being be this lacking in the capacity for rational thought? I have so many more questions..." one wrote. Another added along similar lines, "I feel really bad for her kids. How can you act like this when your children are screaming and crying for you to stop. It’s almost as if she realises how embarrassing she’s been, but then she’s gone to far so had to carry on and escalate further. Sad".

All in all, most people expressed sympathy for the children. "Yeah this is heartbreaking. Why would you put your kids through that 😟" one wrote. "I was thoroughly triggered, and reactively turned the audio off when I heard the daughter instinctively parentifying herself. Heartbreaking," another added. "Man that was hard to watch. Those poor kids are terrified while their mother, the person they depend on for everything, loses total control of herself and seems to try to get arrested. She needs to get her anger issues in control before she ruins the lives of those kids," another user expressed disapproval of the mother's actions. 

Those on the no-fly list are not allowed to board an aircraft flying within, to, from, and over the US. The TSA states, "The No Fly List is a small subset of the US government Terrorist Screening Database (also known as the terrorist watchlist) that contains the identity information of known or suspected terrorists. Individuals on the No Fly List are prevented from boarding an aircraft when flying within, to, from and over the United States."