Woman in MAGA hat hurls N-word in video, says ‘have a good day’ after refusing to wear mask on flight

The unidentified woman and her friend have been placed on Frontier Airlines' list of banned flyers

                            Woman in MAGA hat hurls N-word in video, says ‘have a good day’ after refusing to wear mask on flight

A woman wearing a MAGA hat allegedly refused to wear a face mask on board a plane before hurling racial abuse at fellow passengers. The incident happened at a Frontier Airlines plane that was going from Seattle to Denver, Colorado around three weeks ago and because of the woman in question, other passengers also had to deboard, The Sun reported.

The whole episode was reportedly captured on camera by another flyer named Alex Barkley, who shared the video on TikTok. The clip showed the unidentified woman wearing a Trump hat and without a face covering while her friend wore a blue cap. Barkley posted the clip on the video-sharing social networking service with a caption that read, “no way lmao". In the video, the pilot was heard instructing passengers to de-board the plane. “Ladies and gentleman, I'm sorry. I've got to take this a step further. The two passengers who we need to remove from the airplane are refusing to do that. We can resolve this easily but at this point I have to ask everyone to leave the airplane,” the pilot said over the intercom before adding, “Take your IDs and your boarding passes. You can leave your personal belongings if you're gonna reboard. Please do not get involved in the altercation or you will not reboard."

You can see the video here. The other flyers seemed not too happy with the decision as they groaned while the women stuck to their seats smiling and making peace signs. The woman wearing red MAGA hat also allegedly told other passengers to "have a great day" after saying, “n****r”. However, Seattle cops arrived and took the women with them while getting huge applause and cheers from other flyers.

She kept on smiling and held on t her seat (TikTok)

A spokesperson for Frontier Airlines said the pair of the women have been banned from the airline. Frontier's Director of Corporate Communications Jennifer de la Cruz said, “Frontier Airlines’ face covering policy is clearly explained during the reservations and check-in process as well as during boarding. Face coverings are required throughout a traveler’s journey when flying with Frontier. Both passengers who refused to comply with our policy have been placed on our Prevent Departure List."

In another incident, a family was left devastated after they were asked to leave a flight earlier in December after their two-year-old daughter refused to wear a face mask amid coronavirus. Later, the family boarded another flight from Delta to Palm Beach in Florida, but without the toddler because they did not want to “go through again what we went through” earlier.

Eliz Orban along with her partner and little Edeline had taken a United Airlines flight from Denver to Newark to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York City, but they were asked to deboard when the child refused to comply with the Covid-19 guideline. At the time, the parents requested crew members to let them sit as they promised to hold the mask over their daughter’s face, but they did not agree. After the incident, Orban shared the story on social media and it got so viral that one person even sponsored their flight tickets.

“Our daughter is in the best hands at home, and as hard as it is that she’s not here — knowing how much love she is surrounded by gives us so much peace. We couldn’t bear to take her through what we went through again.⁣ I STILL feel humiliated, traumatized, and triggered by what happened. But the amount of messages I have gotten by people being on our side and experiencing similar situations has truly been overwhelmingly beautiful,” Orban said in an Instagram post.

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