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'AGT' Season 19: Simon Cowell faces backlash after turning down performers

'AGT' Season 19 judge Simon Cowell slammed for being a tough judge on NBC show
'AGT' Season 19 judge Simon Cowell rejected many contestants (YouTube/@AGT)
'AGT' Season 19 judge Simon Cowell rejected many contestants (YouTube/@AGT)

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: In the most recent episode of 'America's Got Talent' Season 19, Simon Cowell was particularly critical, voting against numerous acts such as Praveen Prajapat's balancing act and Balloon Taro's balloon act.

Praveen showcased his incredible talent by skillfully balancing a bucket of water and numerous glasses on his head during his performance. With graceful dance moves and precise movements, he navigated the stage with ease, captivating the audience with his daring act. As the performance progressed, he added more glasses to increase the level of difficulty, showcasing his impressive balance and control.

One of the acts that initially received a 'No' from Cowell was the Japanese father-son duo Balloon Taro, but he eventually had a change of heart and switched his vote to a yes by the end of their performance.

Now, fans are criticizing Simon for his decisions to reject talented acts on the NBC show.

A Reddit user said, "How did Simon say yes to that dancing cow and sound healer but not the head balancer."

Followed by a second user who penned, "JFC Simon has said yes to dozens if not hundreds of acts that were far, far, far worse than that."

Another user went on to say, "Wtf Simon."

A fourth user commented, "How did that get a no from Simon? That was almost Ramadani Bros amazing."

One comment read, "Not Simon almost saying no and literally saying no to talent twice in a row wth lol."

'AGT' judge Simon Cowell slammed for his harsh judging on NBC show (YouTube/AGT)
'AGT' judge Simon Cowell slammed for his harsh judging on NBC show (YouTube/@AGT)

Who got eliminated in 'AGT' Season 19 Episode 6?

In the most recent episode of 'AGT' Season 19, a total of six contestants were unfortunately eliminated. These included Full Steel Combat, Ry The Healer, the dancing Cow, Missy Galore, Ada Filppa, and Tyler Burke.

Despite their best efforts, they were unable to advance to the next round of the competition. Each performer brought their own unique talents to the stage, but ultimately the judges had to make the difficult decision to send them home. While they may not have made it to the next round, their time on 'AGT' will surely be remembered by fans and viewers alike. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

'AGT' Season 19 contestant Tyler Burke's danger act didn't impress judges (Greg Gayne/NBC)
'AGT' Season 19 contestant Tyler Burke's danger act didn't impress judges (Greg Gayne/@NBC)

When will 'AGT' Season 19 Episode 7 air?

'America's Got Talent' Season 19 Episode 7 is scheduled to premiere on July 16, 2024, at 8 pm Eastern Time on the NBC network. Viewers can tune in to watch the latest talented performers showcase their skills and compete for a chance to win the ultimate prize. Don't miss out on the excitement and drama as the competition heats up in this highly anticipated episode.

In the upcoming episode of the popular NBC show, the auditions will be in full swing as a diverse array of talented individuals of all ages showcase their variety acts in hopes of winning the coveted $1 million prize.

This season, there are a record number of nine golden buzzers being awarded by the judges, propelling lucky contestants straight to the live shows where they will have the opportunity to compete for America's vote and ultimately be crowned the winner.

'AGT' Season 19 returns with Sofia Vergara (Instagram/@agt)
'AGT' Season 19 returns with Sofia Vergara (Instagram/@agt)

Season 19 of 'America's Got Talent' premieres new episodes every Tuesday at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT on NBC. The season is available for streaming on Peacock, where episodes can be viewed the following day.