‘America’s Got Talent’: Sneak peek of Bir Khalsa’s 'dangerous' performance in judge cuts week 2

‘America’s Got Talent’: Sneak peek of Bir Khalsa’s 'dangerous' performance in judge cuts week 2

We can’t wait for Tuesday to see all the wonderful performances that will be displayed in the second week of judge cuts episode. The previous episode of judge cuts had Brad Paisley as a celebrity judge and he handed the golden buzzer to the talented Sophie Pecora, who performed her original piece titled ‘Misfits’ and blew the judges and audience away with her powerful message against bullying. The show also received a lot of backlash from fans after the talented acrobat Matthew Richardson didn’t make the cut.

Dwyane Wade will be appearing as a celebrity judge (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

This week’s judge cuts are jam-packed with performances by some very talented artists like Robert Finley, Verba Shadow Group, V. Unbeatable, and many others. This week’s episode will feature NBA legend Dwayne Wade, as the celebrity guest. A sneak peek video was released from the upcoming episode featuring the Bir Khalsa group again performing heart-stopping dangerous stunts.



We see the Bir Khalsa group again putting up an act that has judges and audience gasping at the edge of their seat. The performance begins with one of the members of the group running a melon through spear to demonstrate how sharp it is. Then he proceeds to perch himself atop the pointed edge of the spear and rotate. Terry Crews, the host, repeatedly announces the disclaimer to not try this at home. The second act of the trio features Jagdeep (the tallest policeman in the world) lying on the floor with a block of ice against his body. Then another guy armed with a sledgehammer proceeds to break the ice on Jagdeep’s body. After the block of ice is broken into two, Jagdeep opens his shirt to show his chest and the guy with sledgehammer hits him on the chest. At this point, the audience and judges try hard to look away but are awestruck by the chilling performance.

As a finishing touch, the daredevil trio then goes back to their signature stunt of blindfolding one of the members and gearing them with a heavy-looking wooden stick, while one of the members is seated on the floor with a coconut on his forehead. The blindfolded man rams the log of wood through the coconut perfectly. By this point, the judges look away and look visibly disturbed.

We do not see what the judges have to say about the dangerously disturbing act. To know if Bir Khalsa proceeds to the next round, get a golden buzzer or are sent back home, do check out the upcoming episode.

‘America's Got Talent' season 14 airs every Tuesday night on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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