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Who is Vitoria Bueno? Brazilian ballerina with no arms all set to shine on 'AGT: All-Stars'

Vitoria Bueno competed in the German version of 'Got Talent,' 'Das Supertalent,' without being overwhelmed and came in second
 Vitoria Bueno has not let lack of linms stop her passion (Instagram/vihb_bailarina)
Vitoria Bueno has not let lack of linms stop her passion (Instagram/vihb_bailarina)

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: 'America's Got Talent: All Stars' intends to bring back some of the finest performers to have ever graced the reality talent stage. Aerialists, magicians, comedians, singers, dancers, and other performers that have previously competed on the program will appear in the spin-off series. Vitoria Bueno, who previously performed on 'Das Supertalent' Season 15 and is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is one of the hopefuls slated to return for another shot at triumph. She received the Golden Buzzer and finished second on the German version of the reality program.

Vitoria Bueno is one of the most remarkable dancers to ever take the 'America's Got Talent' stage. The 17-year-old is from Santa Rita Do Sapucai, Brazil, and was born without arms owing to a genetic issue. Vitoria inspires many people by accomplishing the unthinkable: following her passion for dancing despite difficulties.


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Who is Vitoria Bueno?

Vitoria Bueno was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and began dancing at the age of five on the advice of her physiotherapist. She is now seventeen years old. The artist made her debut on 'Das Supertalent' Season 15 in 2021. When her mother dropped her off for her first ballet class, she was worried about her daughter fitting in. The Brazilian ballet dancer was born without arms, yet her mother was concerned about how others saw her. "People would pull up her shirt sleeves to view her when she went for a stroll," the 'AGT: All Stars' contestant's mother said in a February 2021 interview with Reuters. "People have harmed me. Her infirmity worried me, but it wasn’t as bad as people’s views."

Vitoria is not afraid, unlike her mother. In the same interview, she called her arms "simply a detail." She went on to say that she follows with her eyes and does not use her arms in any manner. Vitoria can do assembles and pirouettes flawlessly. She also knows how to do jazz and tap dances. Her talent and persistence have elevated her to the status of social media superstar and a source of inspiration for many. According to Vitoria, people with disabilities benefit from seeing her dance. "They perceive disability as minor details," she added. "We are much more than our handicap, thus we must pursue our aspirations."


What happened to Vitoria Bueno in 'Das Supertalent' Season 15?

Vitoria Bueno drew attention to herself on German television with a ballet performance. The ballerina, who was born without both arms, did not back down from the challenge on 'Das Supertalent,' the German equivalent of 'Got Talent,' and came in second place. "What a night, what a thrill! To be part of the grand finale of the German talent show 'Supertalent' was indescribable!! Just being there was a great honor, but to be in the top three, second place, was an immense joy!" the young lady stated on Instagram.

There are three stages to the program. Participants in the first round must be approved by judges in order to advance to the semifinals and eventually the finals. Vitoria performed so well in the first round that she was awarded the "Golden Buzzer" and advanced to the grand final. The final stage featured 10 contenders, including dance groups, a magician, singers, and other sorts of talent fighting for public votes.

In the first segment, the dancer did a re-enactment of an ancient choreography called "Leave my mark." The goal was to display another dancing style in the final performance. The girl from Minas Gerais stated in an interview with the Uol portal that she plans to finish the first level of dance training, the eighth grade of the "Royal Academy of Dance" Methodology, which she pursues at the Academia de Dança Ândrea Falsarella. Currently, she practices Ballet, Tap, and Jazz dancing there.

Vitoria started posting dance-related content on Instagram in April of this year and hasn't stopped since. This dancer's love of the craft has landed her on the Daily Mail, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and other television shows. She presently posts dance videos on Instagram, where she has over 410,000 followers.


Vitoria is likely to make an impression on this season of 'AGT: All-Stars,' thanks to her remarkable narrative and incredible skill, when it returns on January 9, at 8 pm ET only on NBC.