'AGT: All-Stars': The Human Fountains' hilarious act gets Red Buzzer from unimpressed Simon Cowell

'AGT: All-Stars': The Human Fountains' hilarious act gets Red Buzzer from unimpressed Simon Cowell
The Human Fountains' performance did not impress judge Simon Cowell in the latest episode of 'AGT: All Stars' (NBC)

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: 'America's Got Talent: All-Stars' features a selection of previous winners, finalists, popular contestants, and viral sensations from past seasons of 'AGT' and 'Got Talent' franchises worldwide. The different and shocking acts keep coming. Some performances are liked by the audience, some are loved, while some viewers find a few acts disgusting but are still thrilled and intrigued to watch and clap for them anyway. One such act was the performance by The Human Fountains who previously appeared on 'AGT' Season 13 and got called a "stupid act" by judge Simon Cowell in the previous season.


It seems like the course still hasn’t changed for Simon who gave a Red Buzzer to the act again and told the guys that the pitching was better before and they were "carefully missing the fourth guy from before". The audience booed at Simon Cowell's decision to press the red buzzer same as in Season 13. The Human Fountains had been voted ‘fan favorite’ and was back on the 'AGT' stage even after they were eliminated in season 13. Now, a TikTok sensation with around 1.2 million followers, the performers replied that they were thrilled to be here anyways. Even Heidi seemed happy as she said, “We all are having a good time except Simon.” 


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The Human Fountains (NBC)


The group performed ‘God bless America-the land that I love’, leaving the audience in splits as they spit water into each other’s mouths and even made a hotdog transferring bread and sausages from each of their mouths which one of them ate. The audience was rolling with laughter. The performers said that they started spitting water into each other’s mouth way back in high school, and felt that this was "something special" since they never saw a water-spitting act on television.

The judges reactions. (Credits:NBC)
The judges' reactions (NBC)


The Human Fountains' journey began with four friends but now there are only three of them in the act -- Joh, Sam, and Ben. They went back to their regular day jobs after ‘AGT 13’ but never stopped performing after they opened their TikTok account. They even hilariously called Simon "the dad who never liked us" and Howdie a "crazy uncle". When Simon said that he was struggling to see where they are going in the future, they replied that they see themselves on a billboard as the second-best act on Las Vegas Fountain.

Tune in to watch what happens next on NBC's 'America's Got Talent: All Stars' on Monday, January 30, 2023, at 8 pm ET/PT.

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