'AGT: All-Stars' 2023: Fans glad after Simon Cowell buzzes Lioz Shem Tov's 'waste of time' performance

'AGT: All-Stars' 2023: Fans glad after Simon Cowell buzzes Lioz Shem Tov's 'waste of time' performance
Simon Cowell and Lioz Shem Tov in 'AGT: All Stars' (NBC)

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: The latest chapter of the 'America's Got Talent' franchise brings back some of your favorite acts from the past. With that, fans saw the return of Lioz Shem Tov, whom Heidi Klum has never been a fan of, and it appears that his current performance has only increased his naysayers.

Lioz Shem Tov, an Israeli magician, competed on Season 13 of 'America's Got Talent' with his amusing twist on illusions. Over the years, he has also been featured on various additional 'Got Talent' series. Lioz auditioned for Season 13 of 'America's Got Talent' in 2018. He informed the judges that he would be demonstrating telekinesis. His pranks, as they quickly discovered, were not especially magical, albeit they were amusing. Blowing bubbles and grabbing Kleenex from a box were among them. In reaction to Lioz's audition, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum pressed the red buzzer. Fellow judges Howie Mandel and Mel B, on the other hand, praised the act. Heidi voted "no," while they both voted "yes."


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Mentalist Lioz feels that now is his chance to redeem himself. He invites Heidi to perform with him on stage. Hedi is irritated by everything he does. He dupes her into scratching his back while making balloon animals. He finally gets her to chuckle with a joke about a huge bra. BONUS: The song 'Superpower' by Adam Lambert plays in the background!

She couldn't buzz her since she had her help! Simon, on the other hand, does. He liked it at first, but now he thinks it's "stupid." Heidi is still not a fan. Howie implores the superfans to vote for Lioz.

While disagreeing with Howie, a fan tweeted, "I disagree with @howiemandel. Lioz has a good schtick. I'm sure his show is great. But he didn't bring his best. A few laughs. Not memorable." Questioning how this act was included in an All-Stars show, a viewer wrote, "This was the worst thing I've ever seen. How can this be an all star? I thought the first little bit was a joke haha funny funny but it never got real, it was all a joke and not funny at all. TERRIBLE." Slamming the talent that was missing from the act, another person added, "Boring more middle school talent show than any talent." Viewers couldn't agree with the fact that this was supposed to be a magical act, "This guy is not a magician, he’s an alright comedian but not sure he’s all star material, I’ve seen a lot of great acts on #AGT over the years and this guy is not doing it for me!"





Throwing a little shade at his performance, a viewer wrote, "If that was suppose to be funny, it wasn’t." One of the rarest moments on 'AGT' when Simon had fans full support, "Not at all funny. Glad @SimonCowell buzzed him." One viewer further criticized Lioz by calling it, "that was a waste of time." Disagreeing with Howie had to say, a fan wrote, "Howie -- stupid IS funny -- when it's FUNNY." 





Further slamming the production for such lineup, a viewer tweeted, "Producers/production assistants -- DO BETTER with your selections and don't waste them on people like this..." Another critic added, "Yikes #AGTAllStars If his writers are giving him good jokes #AGT he needs to seriously improve his English delivery."



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