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After winning 2021 AAA Best Choice Award, Golden Child announces Japanese debut

Golden Child has announced their Japanese debut album that will release in January 2022 with the new single 'A Woo'
UPDATED DEC 20, 2021
The K-pop group Golden Child will make their Japanese debut four years after Korean debut (@GNCDjp_official/Twitter)
The K-pop group Golden Child will make their Japanese debut four years after Korean debut (@GNCDjp_official/Twitter)

The K-pop group Golden Child had a surprise announcement for fans. After having quite the impact in South Korea, the members of Golden Child have announced their Japanese debut slated for January 2022. This is an ongoing trend in K-pop — most groups release Japanese versions of their South Korean hits or albums aimed at their Japanese fanbase. Golden Child has decided to do the same by announcing their debut in Japan.

Golden Child was recently in the news for winning the coveted main prize at the 2021 Asia Artist Award — the Bonsang for Best Choice (Singer). Since their debut back in 2017, Golden Child has been on a steady rise to the top starting from their debut album, ‘Gol-cha!’ with a title track, ‘DamDaDi’ upto their most recent release, ‘Ddara’ that released in October.


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Golden Child announces Japanese debut

On December 20, Golden Child announced their Japanese debut album set to release early next year. In their official announcement, Golden Child reported that they will finally made their debut in Japan four years after their official Korean debut. The group announced that they will release a single album titled, ‘A Woo’ that drops on January 26, 2022. Not only that but it was also reported that the single album will also feature the Japanese versions of Golden Child’s two other singles.

To hype their Japanese debut, Golden Child members have reopened their Japanese fan cafe that had been closed for a while but the group members have refrained from giving away any further details. For their Japanese debut, Golden Child will partner with Universal Music. Reports suggest that the song ‘A Woo’ is a song that once again confirms Golden Child's mature musicality and unlimited growth with lyrics written by Funk Uchino, who always strikes the ideal harmony of song and rap, further enhancing Golden Child's energetic charm.

Golden Child will release also include the Japanese versions of their hit singles, ‘Wannabe’ and their Korean debut single, ‘DamDaDi’ in the album slated for release, guranteed to completely capture the hearts of Japanese fans.


Gol-Cha celebrates a Golden year

The past year alone has been pretty eventful for the group where the group took two music show wins while also recording 100,000 album sales for the first week with their second studio album, ‘Game Changer’. The group also topped that with the AAA Best Choice Singer award, as well as member Jangjun, winning a title at the Entertainment Comet Awards.

Not only that, currently, member Bomin of the group is getting a lot of positive feedback from fans for his current role in the K-drama, ‘False Beauty’ (Shadow Beauty) which has already aired 8 of its 13 episodes so far. Golden Child’s 2021 album ‘Yes.’ with its title track, ‘Burn It’ also charted on iTunes' Top Albums Chart, reaching a spot in the top 10 in 11 regions.