After DUI incident, ZE:A’s Junyoung accused of harassment by adult broadcaster BJ Haru

After DUI incident, ZE:A’s Junyoung accused of harassment by adult broadcaster BJ Haru
Afreeca TV adult broadcaster accuses ZE:A's leader Moon Junyoung of online harassment after she declined his requests for a meet-up (@zeafter, @bj._.haru/Instagram)

While he may not be very famous now, back in the prime of the boy group ZE:A, their leader Moon Junyoung enjoyed his glory days in the K-pop industry. Now, as Children of Empire aka ZE:A is currently on a hiatus with most of its members engaged in solo acting activities, Junyoung is suffering the effects of being reckless. Moon Junyoung is in the news for the second time in a month and both instances have been terrible for his reputation.

On March 8, it was revealed that the leader of ZE:A was caught driving under influence and could possibly have his license revoked due to it being his second drunk driving offense. Still reeling from the controversy, the idol has now been accused of harassing popular adult broadcaster BJ Haru. BJ Haru took to her YouTube channel to reveal that a “famous idol who is currently embroiled in a controversy” was harassing her online, without actually naming Junyoung.


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BJ Haru reveals ZE:A’s Junyoung was harassing her

BJ Haru, who publicly broadcasts on the network Afreeca TV, revealed that the said person was asking her for a refund of “balloons” he gifted her after she refused to meet up with him in person. In the adult broadcasting industry, fans can purchase “balloons” that act like game coins and gift them to their favorite BJ when they perform online. BJ Haru also stated that this famous idol started conversing with her claiming that he was a fan of hers and invited her to meet him with an underlying financial/romantic relationship in mind.

Haru stated that as soon as she declined his offer which made her uncomfortable, the idol demanded a refund of the “balloons” he spent on her. BJ Haru shared screenshots of messages from the idol where he said, “I don't know how successful you are now but I'll see how long you'll stay with your big ego after seeing you cold-heartedly reject someone saying falling in love at first sight.”

Revealing her true feelings, Haru said, “I was upset because it felt as if he thought I was easy.” While Haru did not reveal who the idol was, his public username had “ZE:A’s Leader” on it, which made it easy for fans to figure out it was Moon Junyoung after all.


Moon Junyoung threatens to file a lawsuit against BJ Haru

Despite Haru not mentioning ZE:A’s Junyoung in her accusation, the idol took to a YouTube video where the user was “spilling tea” about the incident to reveal that he was the idol BJ Haru was accusing in her video. He then took to his personal YouTube account’s community page and stated that he was going to reveal the truth about this incident on his channel as soon as he hit 100K subscribers.

Moon Junyoung responds to allegations from his YouTube channel (translated via Google) (ZE:A Leader/YouTube)

Fans of K-pop think this is blasphemous of the singer to hit two birds with a stone as he aims to increase his followers in a situation where his reputation hangs in the balance. In another public report, Moon Junyoung stated, “Ms. Haru didn't mention my name in the video, but just looking at the mosaic profile picture or content, I guessed it was me.” He warned malicious commenters saying, “Those that say my sponsorship offer to Haru was false, will face legal repercussions too.”

ZE:A's Moon Junyoung added, “I have currently hired a lawyer, and we will sue both Haru and malicious commenters for defamation.”


'He's a loser and a creep'

While he has some fans still supporting him, K-pop fans in general are not happy about ZE:A's Moon Junyoung's new controversy. One fan said, "The leader of ze:a is a forkin loser... and a creep." A user said, "Lmao I would love to see this alleged “apology” of which you speak. He hasn’t even ADMITTED his wrongdoings. He’s sitting over her preaching this “The whole world is against me!!! Boohoo!!” narrative. And yes, he did use ZE:A, multiple times. You’re just too blind to see it." Another wrote, "Ze:a leader. Lately is always on the kpop articles for bad things."

One user pointed out, ""Leader of ZE:A" This man is victim-blaming! What an a**hole! And he said he'll spill the tea once his channel reached 100K! So he's doing the "hitting two birds with one stone" thing! I don't know this woman but the article pissed me off! The man pissed me off!" Another stated, "Damn wtf is with ZE:A's leader, i see so many articles about all his bad doings." One user added, "This piece of s**t, Moon Junyoung of ZE:A is disgusting. I hate people like him going out and trying to ruin peoples life when they dont get what they want."

One fan said, "I'm confused because of Moon Junyoung case but I won't blame anyone and I cant stand for any side as soon as the truth will come out. When we'll learn the truth about that case then I will have opinion about it. This is truly weird situation and I think we should think about every situation when some people (not only idols) were accused about sth and later it came out as false information."














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