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ZE:A leader Moon Jun-young charged with drunk driving TWICE, may have license revoked

Not learning from his mistake from back in 2018, Lee Hoo, leader of K-pop group ZE:A, to be investigated for driving under the influence
Moon Jun-young aka Lee Hoo, the leader of boy group ZE:A to be investigated after being caught drunk driving for the second time since 2018 (@zeafter/Instagram; Caracula/YouTube)
Moon Jun-young aka Lee Hoo, the leader of boy group ZE:A to be investigated after being caught drunk driving for the second time since 2018 (@zeafter/Instagram; Caracula/YouTube)

Looks like the K-pop idol who just returned from his military service in January 2022 has now been charged with a traffic offense for the second time since his first DUI incident in 2018. Within two months of his return from his mandatory military enlistment, ZE:A's leader Moon Jun-young gets another drunk driving offense that can possibly lead to his driving license revocation. Late in the night of March 7, it was anonymously reported that ‘Person A’, the leader of a popular K-pop group was caught driving under influence.

While fans of all K-pop boy groups started suspecting various idols from different groups, a video footage leaked from a Korean news agency was analyzed by a YouTuber who revealed that the idol was the second-gen K-pop group, ZE:A also known as Children of Empire’s leader, Moon Jun-young (Lee Hoo). ZE:A was one of the popular boy groups that debuted in 2010 with members who have now established themselves as actors like Park Hyung-sik (Hyungsik), Im Si-wan (Siwan), and Kim Dong-jun among others.


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ZE:A's leader Lee Hoo caught drunk driving

Back in 2017, ZE:A members made a promise to fans that they would return as a boy group sometime in the future and refused to disband from their boy group. Now as the leader, Lee Hoo gets embroiled in a new controversy, fans wonder when that would be possible. It was reported that Moon Jun-young aka Lee Hoo who had just announced his return from military enlistment in January of 2022 has garnered negative attention towards himself after being called the ‘drunk driving idol’.

After he was caught driving under influence, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul announced that they were investigating Lee Hoo on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act for drunk driving. It was also reported that the idol was driving his car in an extremely drunken state near Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, on the morning of March 7. Reports from Korean news outlets suggest that upon inspection from the police that measured his blood alcohol level, it was revealed that Lee Hoo had a level that would result in his license revocation.


Moon Jun-young's second drunk driving offense 

The YouTube channel, ‘Caracula’ revealed the identity of ZE:A’s Lee Hoo stating that ‘Person A’ was Moon Jun-young, leader of ZE:A (Children of Empire). The YouTuber also explained that Lee Hoo was caught for driving in the opposite direction on a one-way street. It was also stated that a driver of a vehicle coming from the opposite side of Lee Hoo suspected drunk driving and reported the incident to the police.

Upon police inquiry, it was then established that Lee Hoo was in fact in a state of intoxication. While more reports suggest that the case will now be put under investigation. On the other hand, it was also reported that due to this incident, Lee Hoo (Moon Jun-young) had officially stepped down from the position of CEO of his new label, Super Members Entertainment.