Forbes praises Aespa as 'Savage' dominates US charts like no other female K-pop group

Leading magazine Forbes acknowledged the group’s extraordinary sales record in the US with ‘Savage’

                            Forbes praises Aespa as 'Savage' dominates US charts like no other female K-pop group
Forbes says that 'Savage' from Aespa is the first album from a rookie K-pop group to perform amazingly well on US charts like Billboard (@aespa_official/Instagram)

Monster Rookies Aespa (stylized as aespa) have seen exponential growth ever since their debut with single ‘Black Mamba’; they continued on their journey of global domination with their second single ‘Next Level’.

After releasing two singles, the members of the group announced their debut album with EP ‘Savage’.

The album from Aespa was the first of their ‘metaverse’ adventure as the group recorded amazing success for a rookie group. Leading magazine Forbes recently published an article about Aespa, where the magazine acknowledged the group’s extraordinary sales record with ‘Savage’.


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Forbes talks about ‘Savage’ by Aespa

In their article, Forbes mentioned that the girl group from SM Entertainment Aespa has only been in the K-pop industry for the last eleven months. With just under a year since their debut, the group has managed to reach heights that no other Korean group has in American market. Aespa released their first album ‘Savage’ on October 5 and the group also made their entry into Billboard’s popular charts. The album was ranked as the Number 1 album on Billboard World Albums Chart in the week of October 26. Not only that, the album charted on not one but ten Billboard charts.

In this particular article from Forbes, the magazine paid special attention to Aespa's performance over the last few weeks saying, “The first mini-album from the four-member group, Aespa titled ‘Savage’ debuted on the Billboard chart this week. This is an important and huge victory for the group not only in the US but also in comparison to the records of all female artists from South Korea.” They added that the EP has become one of the fastest selling albums from a Korean girl group to debut on Billboard’s top songs and albums charts in American history.


Aespa record-breaking success

Aespa recorded not only one but ten charts records as they first made their debut on Billboard’s main charts, Billboard 200 and Artist 100 with the highest ranking among K-pop girl groups.

The album also featured on other charts like Billboard’s World Albums, Independent Albums, Top Album Sales, Top Current Album Sales, Billboard Tastemaker Albums. The song ‘Savage’ also appeared on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales, Billboard’s Global Exclusive US as well as Billboard’s Global 200 charts.

Aespa has also recorded amazing success in terms of sales as the group came to be known as ‘half-million sellers’ within 15 days of the release of ‘Savage’. Aespa recorded selling 510,000 album copies as they performed dazzlingly while the group ranked on multiple domestic charts as well as winning seven Korean music TV shows for ‘Savage’.

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