Is aespa getting a 5th member? Fans recall hate Yeri got for joining Red Velvet late

Is aespa getting a 5th member? Fans recall hate Yeri got for joining Red Velvet late
Yeri had gotten immense hate when she joined Red Velvet a year after their debut (@SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter, and SMTOWN/YouTube)

Unless you are NCT, fans are not going to appreciate new members getting added later in an already established group. Some were angry at Sunmi for leaving Wonder Girls for five years before rejoining it later in 2015. Many, in fact, urged SM to take out Yeri from Red Velvet and Kyuhyun from Super Junior who had been added a year after their debut. And so the reactions are more or less negative after the rumor cropped up that aespa might be getting a fifth member. 

On May 11, a Korean fan did some detective work and wondered if Winter’s latest spoiler about aespa’s comeback had something to do with a new member being added. Back in 2021, there were rumors that a trainee named Ara was going to debut with aespa but didn’t after she left SM. However, since early 2022, she has again disappeared from social media which led to the speculation that she had rejoined SM. Now many think that she might be the fifth member of aespa as Winter gave a spoiler.


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Winter gives a spoiler for aespa's comeback

During a radio show, Winter said, “Now with a new person’s ae…” before she cut herself off. With each aespa member having an ‘ae’ aka AI counterpart, some wondered if she was talking about a new member. The pre-debut rumors have also made a comeback where fans had initially thought there would be seven members, each representing a letter of Kwangya (SM’s multiverse). While Knetizens are interested in how it will play out, fans are not too happy.



Many recalled the immense hate that the now-beloved Yeri had got when the 16-year-old became the youngest and newest member to be added to Red Velvet, a year after they had already established themselves as a four-member group. Fans feel that the newest aespa member might similarly get hate and are hoping that the spoiler that Winter gave is related to a new character in their Kwangya storylines like Naevis or new villains.

‘No way’

One user posted, “So aespa are indeed going the nct way? hope the new member does not get flank so hard like when sm added yeri to red velvet. Poor yeri is still getting hate from lame knetizen due to decision make by the management which is uncontrolled by her.” One fan tweeted, “NO💀 aespa is four. I hope what she meant by that is the new character in their upcoming comeback. No way no way idc. aespa gained so much popularity and success,it is not fit to add more mem. aespa is four. ONLY FOURRRR.” One joked, "That’s why jooheon still not renew his contract with starship."




Another user said, “We all saw what Yeri went through after she was added in an already established group. Until now the poor girl is still getting hate. I dont want this to happen to the rumored 5th member, plus the group is already doing well as 4.” One fan added, “Maybe naevis is starting to transform into a real person or be resurrected, but that doesn't mean a new member will be added to the group. They were officially introduced as four so there is no point of adding another member. Winter is trying to give a hint on aespa's storyline.” 




Some Knetz also made comments like “Don’t do that, I hope not SM,” and “Oh wait, I really hate it. aespa is 4 it can’t be 5.” One fan joked, “‘aespa hinting that they will add new members to the group’ mark lee at their dorm knowing that he will be added as the next member of aespa:.” Another user recalled Yeri’s introduction to Red Velvet with the single ‘Automatic’, “Kyuhyun and Yeri are also late members, so I don't think it really matters.... There was so much fuss that Yeri should not join, but when they saw the ‘Automatic’ teaser and MV, everyone loved it....”

(my cat likes aespa/YouTube)


(my cat likes aespa/YouTube)


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