Adin Ross faces serious view-botting accusation from Devin Nash

Adin Ross faces serious view-botting accusation from Devin Nash
One of the most popular Kick streamers, Adin Ross, seems to be at war with Devin Nash (Twitter/@Adin Ross/@Devin Nash)

Due to many of his purported behaviors, Adin Ross has been the topic of debate by numerous internet critics. Recently, HasanAbi and the Kick partner were spotted going head-to-head, and things even started to spiral into a legal mess.

In the middle of all of these conflicts, the famed streamer is now the target of yet another charge. One of the most popular Kick streamers, Adin, has been criticized for his audience size on a new streaming service.


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Viewership accusations

Devin Nash, the former CEO of Counter Logic Gaming, accused Adin Ross' broadcast in a recent stream. Ross is someone who engages in view-botting, according to Nash. To be clear, view-botting is the deceptive practice whereby certain people boost their viewership. This would make it easier to project a lot more concurrent viewers.


Nash said, “Adin view-bots a 100%. I would say 30 to 40%," as per Essentially Sports. This is a significant charge that has been brought up against one of Kick's faces. On the site, Adin Ross has a whopping 296,899 followers in total, which is a substantial quantity.

Nevertheless, Nash claims that when the famed streamer goes live, between 30 and 40 percent of the concurrent viewers come from a made-up script.



What are the consequences?

Revenue generation undoubtedly depends on viewership. Additionally, it opens the door for sponsorships. So, for a streamer who works full-time, having a large audience is essential. However, it is a dangerous act to intentionally manipulate it. This inappropriate behavior may possibly result in the account suspension of the streamer.

Devin Nash's charges will cause many internet users to scratch their heads, even if it is impossible to say outright that Adin Ross utilizes view-bots. These might also go past Kick's notice, which, although having a far more permissive regime than Twitch, would probably take such charges quite seriously.

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