Addison Rae to appear in road trip comedy 'Animal Friends' with Ryan Reynolds

Addison Rae to appear in road trip comedy 'Animal Friends' with Ryan Reynolds
Overall, it's clear that Addison Rae is one to watch in the entertainment industry (@addisonrae/@vancityreynolds/Instagram)

Addison Rae, the incredibly talented TikToker who captured our hearts in Netflix's 2021 rom-com hit, 'He's All That', will be gracing the big screen once again, This time, she'll be joining forces with Hollywood hunk Ryan Reynolds as a part of the main cast for an upcoming film, 'Animal Friends'. 

But that's not all. Rae also recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix that could rival those of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Thanks to her massive TikTok following, which boasts more than 80 million followers, companies are starting to see just how much influence she has on their projects.


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Addison Rae has joined the cast of 'Animal Friends' starring Ryan Reynolds. Following the success of her Netflix film, 'He's All That', studios have been clamoring to work with her. And now, she's set to join an all-star cast in Legendary's 'Animal Friends', alongside Ryan Reynolds, Jason Momoa, Vince Vaughn, and Aubrey Plaza. The R-rated road trip adventure is being directed by Emmy-winner Peter Atencio and produced by Reynolds' Maximum Effort and Namit Malhotra's Prime Focus Studios.


With visual effects and animation provided by DNEG, this movie is shaping up to be a major event. While we don't know much about the plot, we do know that Rae will be one of the main live-action players, According to Deadline. The idea for the film came from a general meeting between Burrows and Mider and Maximum Effort executive, Patrick Gooing.

Addison Rae to star in Eli Roth’s 'Thanksgiving'

Rae has been making waves in the entertainment industry as of late and it's not hard to see why. First off, she landed one of the lead roles in Eli Roth's upcoming horror movie, 'Thanksgiving'. This was a highly coveted role among young actresses and Rae nailed it during her first audition. Insiders are even predicting that the film could potentially become a franchise for TriStar Pictures.

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  Addison Rae to appear in road trip comedy 'Animal Friends' with Ryan Reynolds