Addison Rae steps out in chic denim mini dress for casual stroll in NYC

Addison Rae steps out in chic denim mini dress for casual stroll in NYC
Addison Rae spotted in chic denim dress (@AddisonUpdatez/Twitter)

Addison Rae has more than 88 million TikTok followers, making her the fourth most popular creator on the platform. She has been posting content on the video-sharing platform for the past four years and has been under the spotlight since then. Apart from her content, her casual looks are also loved by her fans.

The 22-year-old social media sensation, recently showcased her incredibly toned legs in a denim mini-dress with a ruffled white collar while she took a stroll around New York City. Let's have a close look at her casual outing appearance.


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Rae's Denim chic look

The social media sensation radiated confidence as she left her hotel on May 25 in a pair of white flats after recently landing a part in a film with Ryan Reynolds. She seemed upbeat as she walked with a screenplay and clutch bag under her arm, smiling at bystanders. With a few stacked silver necklaces and a clip in her shiny hair, the 'Obsessed' singer accessorized her plunging costume. Rae finished her look with bare lips and light blush. Citing her footwear, she was seen pairing the dress with white-colored flats. 



Rae's Future projects

Rae's most recent sighting comes after she was cast in the upcoming comedy-drama movie 'Animal Friends', which is billed as an R-rated road trip movie. The movie will reportedly combine live-action and animation, according to reports. She recently finished shooting the next horror thriller 'Thanksgiving' by Eli Roth.


Rae revealed her participation in the movie on Instagram in February 2023. The movie is "about a pseudo movie, in which a slasher makes his own carving board out of the residents of a Massachusetts town that makes a big annual fuss over the annual turkey day." It is Rae's debut movie in theatres following the highly anticipated slasher film, which is based on a phony trailer from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's 2007 double-feature Grindhouse.

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 Addison Rae steps out in chic denim mini dress for casual stroll in NYC