Are Addison Rae and Jack Harlow dating? Inside secret love story amid her ex Bryce Hall's online meltdown

Addison Rae and Bryce were rumored to have been spotted in Atlanta, however, Bryce's online outburst implies that there was more to the story

                            Are Addison Rae and Jack Harlow dating? Inside secret love story amid her ex Bryce Hall's online meltdown
Jack Harlow, Addison Rae and Bryce Hall (@jackharlow, @addisonraee, @brycehall/ Instagram)

TikTok star Addison Rae was recently spotted over the weekend getting cosy with rapper Jack Harlow at the Jake Paul-Ben Askren Triller Fight Club in Atlanta. Rae's ex, Bryce Hall took to Twitter, expressing his emotions over the same 

Hall and Rae seemed to have struggled to keep their relationship afloat, seeing that there were rumors about Hall having cheated on her with influencer Samantha Salvador, while they were both in Las Vegas. The pair called it quits when Rae referred to Hall as her 'ex-boyfriend' during an interview and Hall even confirmed the same when he took to YouTube to post a video about their break up last month.

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Were the ex-couple together in Atlanta?

Both Hall and Rae were spotted in Atlanta over the weekend, attending the Triller Fight Club boxing match. A video was making the rounds, featuring a couple getting cosy and it was reported to be Hall and Rae. The footage features a couple with their arms around each other, sharing an intimate moment. Hall was quick to address the rumor, commenting -- "Wtf that's not us."

Was spending time Rae with Harlow as well?

However, as reported by Elite Daily, fans did a bit of sleuthing and began to speculate that Rae also was with Harlow in Atlanta at the time, seeing that she liked some of his posts and followed his friends on Instagram. They also speculated that the picture Harlow posted on his Instagram Stories features Rae's hands in the corner.





To top it off, drama channel Keemstar put out a tweet confirming that Harlow and Rae are together, saying: "I just confirmed with a very very very credible source. Addison Rae is in fact dating Jack Harlow. #DramaAlert" However, Rae herself took to Twitter to contradict the same, and that she isn't seeing anyone. "I’m single" she tweeted.





Did Hall address the issue on social media?

Hall put out a series of tweets that seemed to hint at the fact that the couple had ended things for good and also hinting that Rae was seeing someone else behind his back. "Fucking me, telling me u love me then sneaking around w/ someone else... that fuckin hurts" he tweeted. "I feel like such an idiot" he added. "Shitty days always get worse" he said, in a series of emotional tweets. To top it off, Hall and Rae have both unfollowed each other on Instagram as well. 







What do fans have to say?

Users took to Twitter to talk about the stars' current predicament. "Not bryce hall having a hissy fit on twitter because addison rae is getting piped by jack harlow ... maybe you shouldn't have cheated on her, dipshit" tweeted a fan. "According to #DramaAlert Jack Harlow and Addison Rae are dating. Bryce Hall is apparently feeling some type of way about it." tweeted another. "Imagine gettin ur girl stolen by Jack Harlow," joked another.






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