I’m just loving myself’: Adam Mac breaks silence after being accused of ‘seeking attention’ as LGBTQ+ country singer

I’m just loving myself’: Adam Mac breaks silence after being accused of ‘seeking attention’ as LGBTQ+ country singer
In an interview, Adam Mac talked about his latest video ‘Take Myself Home’ where he explained the gist of the songs (Screengrab/YouTube)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Adam Mac, touted as an LGBTQ+ country artist is allegedly accused of making an ‘attention-seeking attempt.' At least that is what some music lovers believe after people questioned his legitimacy. Now, the singer himself has decided to speak on the issue amid his new ‘Take Myself Home’ video releases.


"I'm just a crafty queen." I bought a sh-- ton of yarn, and I spent literally four days straight on it. I was making pom-poms day and night. It was totally worth it though because it was exactly what I had envisioned in my brain," said Mac to a leading celebrity magazine as many poked fun at his appearance in the clip. He talks about how he has grown as a person in recent times and his increased confidence, “Everyone in their twenties goes through a period where you just have no clue who you are. You're so uncomfortable just in your own skin. I think [the confidence] just comes with maturity and just realizing what happiness looks like for you." He got recognition in the industry with his popular songs such as 'Disco Cowboy' and 'New Vibration'.


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'Don't need anybody else to fill me up'

Talking about the music and his orientation, Mac told People, "I'm just loving myself despite what anybody else says. It's about just staying true to who I am and making music from that place." Growing up with Shania Twain and Garth Brooks mixed in with a little Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley’s music, the star talked about his latest ‘Take Myself Home’.

"It's a little flirty, a little sexy, a little quirky, a little funny and clever. That's the gist of the song. I don't need anybody else to fill me up to make me feel worthy. I'm capable of all of that on my own," shared Mac. The 33-year-old star co-wrote the song with Mary Beth Suddath and Joshua Suddath almost a year before. He added, "Not only are they songwriters, but Josh is also an incredible producer and Mary Beth is an incredible vocalist. It was the perfect combination because Mary Beth and I went in on the lyrics and started writing the story, while Josh was at the desk building the track. We were all in the zone of writing a song about self-love and self-empowerment."


'A different perspective'

The Nashville native talked about the criticism he received, "It's so easy for especially deep fans in the country music world to look at me and all of my extravagance and think I'm doing this for attention. But it's not a show. I was raised in the same regard as anybody else, probably just like the same people who are bashing me online. We had a very similar upbringing. We have very similar stories. Mine is just from a different perspective."

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 Adam Mac breaks silence after being accused of ‘seeking attention’ as LGBTQ+ country singer