Adam Demos Net Worth: From budget trips across the world to six figures in style

Demos, who worked construction jobs before turning to acting at age 23, seems headed for bigger things

                            Adam Demos Net Worth: From budget trips across the world to six figures in style
Adam Demos in 'Sex/Life' (Netflix)

Australian actor Adam Demos's growing popularity with Netflix miniseries 'Sex/Life' has left the Internet obsessing over the actor's giant 'manhood' after he displayed full-frontal nudity in a gym-shower scene. This is definitely not Demos's first television appearance as he has previously acted in TV series 'Unreal' and 'Janet King'. Having enrolled in acting school at 23, there is no doubt that Demos will go far and the success with Netflix's series is just the beginning. 

For those wondering where Demos gets his chiseled physique from, the answer lies in his early experience as a construction laborer from his high school days. He started with helping his father's demolition business as a teen, and later, in other fields of labor in different companies. It was when he was 23 that Demos was able to pursue his lifelong dream of acting, when his single mother helped him enroll at Screenwise Film & TV Acting School. Now at 36, Demos's acting school lessons have surely paid off, as his short career in the industry has helped him acquire an estimated net worth in six figures.


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What is Adam Demos's net worth?

According to, Demos's net worth is $500,000. After graduating from acting school, the initial phase of his career saw Demos playing one-offs and cameos in individual episodes of numerous TV series. Some of the earliest ones were 'Home and Away', 'Rescue: Special Op', and 'Aboriginal Heart'.

Demos's television appearances became more and more frequent, but his big breakthrough arrived in 2017 when he was cast in the Australian drama 'Janet King', which would air in the US on ABC. The 'Crownies' spin-off saw Demos play the role of Nate Baldwin, which turned out to be a boost for his career in television.

While starring in 'Janet King', Demos learned about the producers looking for an Australian actor for 'UnREAL'. Demos bagged the role and went on to return for its next season too. His stint with Netflix began in 2019, when he was cast as the hero Jay Taylor for the series 'Falling Inn Love'. The show garnered incredible popularity and so did Demos as the lead. By the time 2020 had rolled in, Demos was already cast as one of the leads in 'Sex/Life' that stars Sarah Shahi and Mike Vogel as the golden trio in a love triangle.

Adam Demos has become popular overnight after his full-frontal nudity on 'Sex/Life'. (Netflix)

Demos would save up for budget trips 

The dreamy Demos broke more than a few hearts when it was revealed that he was in a real-life relationship with his on-screen ex, Shahi. They became official by 2020, which is also around the time they had been cast in roles opposite each other in the steamy romp fest on Netflix. As an avid traveler, Demos used to take budget trips around the globe, with the money he would save up from his work as a construction laborer back in the day. He "resumed the work" once again in 2019, when he played the role of a contractor on 'Falling Inn Love', calling it a "bizarre experience".

The actor had spilled how difficult the construction work was when he was just a teenager, having broken a few bones over it too. Later in life, he worked at a roofing company and at one point dabbling in manual work at a steel company - all at a very young age before acting happened. These days, jetting away to fictional lands for the camera keeps Demos more occupied. And even though he's appeared in a total of six films at the most, with the way 'Sex/Life' has boomed for him, his net worth is only moving up.