Ada Vox auditioned THIRTEEN times for 'American Idol' before reaching Top 10

Only two of Ada Vox's auditions were televised, but she reveals that she had in fact auditioned 13 times before becoming a fan-favorite on the show.

                            Ada Vox auditioned THIRTEEN times for 'American Idol' before reaching Top 10

Perseverance, thy name is Adam Sanders – or Ada Vox, as he is better known.  

Ada, the Drag Queen who stole the hearts of millions on season 16 of ‘American Idol,’ has revealed while auditioning this time around that he had auditioned once before. We had always assumed that it is the femininity and confidence of Ada that propelled him onto Top 10 this time around. After all, these are the only two auditions that were televised.  

However, as it turns out, Ada has auditioned THIRTEEN times before she finally made it to the coveted top 10 spot. “This is actually my thirteenth time auditioning for the show. It is only the second time that I have actually made it on to the show,” he tells Meaww.

Always one to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Ada says the thirteen auditions helped him prepare for the journey he eventually got to have on the show. “I spent a lot of time and many years feeling like I was preparing myself for this. I spent a total of eight years auditioning for the show just trying to get my shot on something that I really, really believed in, which is the platform that is the 'American Idol,’” he says, adding that the years of wait also allowed him to be emotionally ready for a cutthroat competition like ‘American Idol.’ 



Above and beyond the musical growth and the fame that ‘American Idol’ gave him and the opportunity to do what he loves doing for the whole world, Ada believes the relationships with fellow-contestants as the best thing that happened on the show. “I really think that some friends will be lifelong friends. We just bonded incredibly well. It was a wonderful experience, and I wouldn't have wanted it to go any other way,” he reminisces.  

Among those lifelong friends, Ada looks at Jurnee as his closest friend. He says about that friendship, “We bonded because we were both on the LGBT community and really had a lot to talk about and bond over and our experiences on the show - because we had both been on the show before and we were both rejected and came back ready to take over. So, we bonded on a whole another level because we have so much in common.” 

The dedication and hard work Ada put in towards his journey as an artist, has not stopped post his success on 'Idol,' if anything it has only increased. "I am doing a lot of grinding. I am doing a lot of looking for a producer and people who can put together the music for me. I am doing a whole lot of putting things together," he says. 



Ada is working on putting out a Christmas album this year, which could very well be the first album of his career. "That will be a lot of fun, and that is already in the works. It is going to be a stripped down album. Me on the piano singing the beautiful, traditional Christmas songs...I enjoy tradition and what I was raised on. Christmas is such a wonderful, wonderful time of the year. Just spread happiness and joy and just a wonderful time. I am hoping to share a good, tuneful time for all this  Christmas season."

Music is not the only thing on the horizon for Ada, though, with TV shows - both scripted and reality - and movies. He has "talked to a few people and am considering some options for acting," but he can talk about none of these at the point, "but I will say that I have spoken to some people about possibilities and I am looking forward to broadening my horizon, and hopefully be on TV screens near you very soon and a lot more often."


The one thing a lot of us fans would love to see Ada do, though is a "Best of Both Worlds" performance, where Adam and Ada perform a duet. He warns, though, that it "would be kind of difficult because my voice doesn't change. It would just seem like me singing both the times," however, we are still crossing our fingers for it.