Queen of 'American Idol' Ada Vox says her new single 'Because of You' is a "thank you" to her fans

Ada Vox does not just perform for ticketed events instead, she likes to sing for her fans on Instagram mostly while applying makeup or getting ready for a show.

                            Queen of 'American Idol' Ada Vox says her new single 'Because of You' is a "thank you" to her fans

If you are like among the millions of Americans who watched ‘American Idol’ season 16, then you are also among the millions who fell in love with Adam aka Ada Vox.  The musical genius grabbed all the eyeballs every time she performed on ‘American Idol’ and has since only gotten more popular by the day. While we love to hear her rendition of all songs, it is pretty spectacular to know that her single ‘Because of You’ is out for fans to listen to, whenever they want.  

‘Because of You’ is written by singer-songwriter Janice Robinson as a thank you to the people who have supported and loved her during her journey. It caught the attention of Ada as soon as her agent played a demo for her. Speaking about which she said: "Hey, that song is fantastic. I love the meaning behind it. I love the words, and it actually means something.” Ada recollects her feeling at that moment, adding that meaningful lyrics that actually mean something is what she was drawn to. Soon, she got Robinson to agree to make it her own and from there, “it took its own life and has become what it is.”

Ada wants to use this song to say thanks to the people who stood by her and supported her. “So, I am trying to give thanks through my single to everyone who has supported me on my journey thus far - very long and very hard journey. I finally now get to live the dream because of people that have supported me on my way,” she says. You can find 'Because of You' on iTunes and Spotify.

The Queen of ‘American Idol’ is very open with her love for her fans. Not only does she say it every chance she gets, but she expresses it by singing for them at every opportunity. Unlike most other musicians, she does not save her voice just for ticketed events. Instead, she sings for them on Instagram, mostly while applying makeup or getting ready for a show. Ada says it's just who she is, "singing always" is her perpetual mood. She asks her fans if they want to hear a song, "and  they're like 'yaay!'" She says. "I sing all the time and I love putting things up for them. The reactions I get have so much love, which makes me want to keep doing it."


Ada's journey on 'American Idol' and every day since then is pretty spectacular. It would have been inconceivable to see a drag queen go as far as Ada did even a decade ago. The commercial success of shows like 'RuPaul's Drag Race' and 'Queer Eye' also speaks volumes about how far the LGBT+ community has come in the last few years.

The 'American Idol' star knows how lucky she is to live at a time where she and the people of her community are so publicly recognized and appreciated. "I am so thankful to have been able to pursue my dream and live this way because the world is slowly moving forward. Being part of the LGBT community nowadays, I think, is more than being a hindrance its an honor. People are proud to say as opposed to having been afraid to, until just a few years ago," she says. 

"I think we are in a good position not just for the LGBT community, but for the world to say that anyone can step up and become a leader in the global community. Not just in a specific community, whatever it be, whether you're black, you're white, you're Hispanic, you're an LGBT community member. Anybody can speak up before anyone in the world. We each have to be willing to do it and willing to make the change and the step in the right direction," Ada elaborated, adding that speaking to her fans who are part of the LGBT community is always a fantastic experience for her.

Ada further gushes, "I have people coming up to me and crying. They're just shaking out of control and telling me how much I mean to them and how much I have affected their lives. I have people that message me almost every day telling me about the courage that I have given them to live their life and be proud of who they are and to come to their families or just to be confident. And I think any one of those moments where I can see that I touched them in a positive way is something that affects and makes me want to keep moving on in this industry no matter how hard it is because I want to make sure that I build up as many people's confidence and passion as possible because this world is every changing place and it is challenging to be who we are nowadays. It's easier than it used to be but everyone is still facing their own challenges and I hope that I am able to help people overcome those insecurities and to really, truly become the people that they can be in the future that is shining bright like diamonds."


Now, Ada can inspire people up close thanks to her on-going tour. While this allows her to meet her fans face-to-face, the traveling bit she says "absolutely exhausting." Other than that she loves "every bit of it."

Tour events are too cramped for her to really do anything fun other than show up and perform, but she recalled two of her most memorable performances. "I performed at San Francisco pride, and there was literally 2 million people in attendance, and I think that was the biggest pride show that I have probably ever seen in a big city. My favorite small pride that I ever went to was in New Mexico. It was fantastic. It was small, contained. I was their first ever headliner, and it was probably the most beautiful place that I think I have ever been. I really, really enjoyed every minute of every time that I had there," she says. 

Watch Ada perform live at the following venues:

Friday, Sept. 28th

Ada at Legends Nightclub

Raleigh, NC.

Wed, Oct. 3rd

Ada at  the Park Nightclub

Phoenix, AZ.

Sunday, Oct. 7th

Ada at Jacksonville Pride

Jacksonville, FL.

Sat. Oct. 13th

Ada at the Diversity Center Gala

Santa Cruz, CA.

Sunday, Oct. 14th

Ada at Atlanta Pride

Atlanta, GA.

Sat. Oct. 20th

Ada at Hawaii Pride

Hono., Hawaii

Sunday, Oct. 21st

Ada at Las Vegas Pride

And at Charlie’s Nightclub

Las Vegas, NV.

Wed. Oct. 31st

Ada at Georgi’s Alibi Halloween festival

Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Thursday, Nov. 1st

Ada at Martinis Nightclub

San Diego, CA.

Sat. Nov. 3rd

Ada at Zeldas Nightclub

Palm Springs, CA.

Saturday, Nov. 10rd

Ada at B-Bobs Nightclub

Mobile, Alabama

Friday, Nov. 16th

Ada in Necto Nightclub

Detroit , MI.


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