Who are Suzie and Weston Heringer III? All about half Korean 'The Bachelor' star Abigail Heringer's White parents

Who are Suzie and Weston Heringer III? All about half Korean 'The Bachelor' star Abigail Heringer's White parents
Abigail Heringer from 'The Bachelor' (Instagram/Abigail Heringer)

Abigail Heringer might no longer be a part of 'The Bachelor' but from the looks of it, she is someone who will be remembered by Bachelor Nation fans for a very long time to come. For the uninformed, she is the first deaf contestant on the franchise that was marred with a lot of opposition about lack of diversity and for only representing a certain race. 

Two weeks ago, Matt eliminated Abigail and she was no longer in the running to be his forever after. BN fans were heartbroken as a lot of them were certain that she would at least make it to the final four because throughout her time on the show, it was established that she had a strong connection with Matt, especially after she won the first impression rose on night one. She was sent home by Matt citing the lack of growth in their relationship and Matt was branded as a clown for making that decision. Abigail went home but she's still one of the most loved contestants from this season, a lot of them even wanted her as the Bachelorette on Season 17. There's also been a lot of interest in her ethnicity since the very beginning and she finally cleared the air around it via an Instagram story on Sunday. If you missed it, we've got you covered. 


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Is Abigail Heringer half Korean? 

Abigail Heringer was born in Beaverton, Oregon on March 3, 1995. She was raised in Salem and she grew up with her elder sister Rachel and two younger brothers Alistair and Stuart. She and Rachel both were born with congenital hearing loss and both of them had to undergo cochlear implant surgery at two years of age.

Rachel, Suzie, and Abigail Heringer (Instagram/Abigail Heringer)

Abigail is an out-an-out family person, she made it clear that family was very important to her on the show as well. BN fans did some sleuthing around her parents and there were a lot of questions about her being adopted because of her non-Asian parents. On Sunday (February 28) Abigail took to her Instagram stories to put all the questions to rest once and for all. 

Who are Abigail Heringer's parents Weston and Suzie?

Abigail was raised by her mother Suzie and Weston Heringer III, her step-dad. Abigail never spoke about her and Rachel's biological father until Sunday when she decided to clear the air about certain questions related to her family by sharing a photo of herself with her parents, Rachel and two brothers. "Yes, both my sister and I are Asian. Our biological dad is Korean," she wrote clarifying that she's half Korean. Fans had also asked her if her hearing loss was hereditary to which she wrote, "Neither my mom or biological dad are deaf." 

Abigail Heringer with her parents Suzie and Weston, sister Rachel, and brothers Stuart and Alistair (Instagram/Abigail Heringer)

She then included the sweetest message for her adopted father Weston who is a pediatric dentistry practitioner at Pediatric Dentistry of Salem. Abigail wrote, "I consider my dad shown above to be 100% my dad. He stepped in and played such a pivotal role in our CI journey with my mom." She concluded her story with a "yes, I have brothers too," along with a laughing emoticon. 

Catch Abigail Heringer on the 'The Bachelor: Women Tell All Special' airing tonight, March 1 starting at 8 pm only on ABC. 

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