'The Bachelor': Matt James branded 'literal clown' for leading Abigail on for weeks before eliminating her

'The Bachelor': Matt James branded 'literal clown' for leading Abigail on for weeks before eliminating her
Matt James and Abigail Heringer in 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

'The Bachelor' Season 25 just aired one of its most gut-wrenching episodes on Monday night. Fan-favorite Abigail Heringer was sent home in a brutal elimination. Season lead Matt James whisked her away for a private conversation during the group date where he dropped the bomb on her.

For the uninformed, Abigail was seen ruing about the fact that she's the only woman in the room along with Jessenia, who is yet to receive a one-on-one date card. Abigail was the recipient of the first impression rose and she's been a darling of Bachelor Nation fans from the very beginning. 

Coming back to Matt and Abigail's conversation, he began by telling her how comfortable he was in their relationship. He told her that he was very secure about the bond they shared and that is the reason he began exploring his bond with the other women during which he felt more drawn towards others than her. "You deserve someone that will put you first," Matt told Abigail before apologizing to her for leading her on. He then walked her to the car and sent her home. 


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Bachelor Nation fans are super annoyed that their unproblematic queen was sent home without a one-on-one date and with a "bullsh**" apology. "Matt makes no sense. He was so into Abigail, that he left her hanging for weeks.... literal clown. I’ll be mad about this for weeks #TheBachelor," wrote a fan.

"I’m a heavy Abigail advocate and the fact that she just went home before hometowns is devastating Should I even finish watching the rest of this season?! I’m down bad on this one," wrote another. "That was a bullshit apology. He was too comfortable so he just never talked to her? #TheBachelor" read another tweet.

"Matt is trash and he deserves trash. We should have known from the very first red flag: being named Matt. Yes, this is still about him eliminating Abigail without even giving her a chance. #TheBachelor," read another tweet. 











This is the second week in a row where Matt James is being bashed for sending a favorite home. Just last week, he eliminated Katie Thurston, who was regarded as a voice of reason on the show for standing up to the bullies in this season and for just being her funny, authentic, sex-positive self.

What do you think about the decisions Matt has been making in his season? Let us know in the comments. 

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