'Slew of red flags': Ex-FBI agent says 'obvious suspect' in missing Ana Walshe case is husband Brian

'Slew of red flags': Ex-FBI agent says 'obvious suspect' in missing Ana Walshe case is husband Brian
Ana and Brian Walshe tied the knot in Serbia in 2015 (Ana Walshe/Facebook)

COHASSET, MASSACHUSETTS: Ana Walshe, a 39-year-old real estate investment manager and mother of three young boys, has been missing since New Year’s Day. While the search continues, her husband Brian Walshe, 47, has been arrested for misleading the investigators. Brian had claimed that his wife took a ride to Boston's Logan International Airport and has since disappeared. However, retired FBI agent Ray Carr in a recent interview with Fox News pointed out a 'slew of red flags' in the case, he believes that Brian 'could be an obvious suspect'.


Ana met her husband Brian in 2008. At the time, her name was Anna Ljubicic Knipp and she was working at the Wheatleigh Hotel in the Berkshires. Brian is the son of a renowned Boston neurosurgeon. The two tied the knot in Serbia in 2015 and began living together in a wealthy seaside suburb south of Boston. Cohasset Police were recently seen searching behind an apartment in Swampscott. Authorities were searching for items Brian may have disposed of during his trip. He was arrested on January 8 for misleading investigators and held on $500,000 bail. Shortly after, he pleaded "not guilty."


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Retired FBI agent Ray Carr, while speaking to Fox News, explained how Brian's attempt to redirect the investigation could make him "even more obvious as a suspect." He told the channel, "You know offenders are gonna lie about a violent crime mostly because they want to redirect the investigation, in the case the husband as you know was not as cooperative with the attorneys and that's why he is under arrest, his attempt to redirect the investigation was to provide inaccurate information to law enforcement, the problem with that is, he is unfamiliar with the investigative procedures and this could make him even more obvious as a suspect to investigators."


Carr said that some of the information provided by Brian may help the law enforcement and result in a "swifter solution to this crime." Further, Carr pointed out the $450 worth of cleaning equipment allegedly bought by Brian. "I think there are other items there that are gonna lead us to find out exactly what may have happened here, but there's a slew of red flags here," he said.

Even though the law enforcement hasn't charged Brian with homicide, Carr anticipated that "it will happen" soon. Speaking about Brian's claim that Ana took a ride to Boston's Logan International Airport, Carr said, "The first people to report her missing was her company and I think that forced her husband to do that as well and he needed to distance himself from her disappearance and telling that story was a way to do that." Carr further added, "Law enforcement has told us that she did have a flight out on 3rd to Washington DC and she did not get on that flight as well. So, he's just trying to provide information that's going to redirect the investigation away from him."


Referring to Brain's pending sentencing for an art fraud, Carr said, "There was a pending sentencing of Brian Walshe for a federal fraud case where he tried to sell two Andy Warhol paintings to someone out in Los Angeles. And that you know kind of leads to the fact that he was also on a house arrest with a monitor, so there's a lot red flags when you look at it. The blood in the basement, the knife that was found." To the retired FBI agent, this made Brian's behavior since his wife's disappearance even more suspect.

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