'A Party Gone Wrong' Full Cast List: Meet Shellie Sterling, Kate Edmonds and rest of the stars of Lifetime thriller film

'A Party Gone Wrong' Full Cast List: Meet Shellie Sterling, Kate Edmonds and rest of the stars of Lifetime thriller film
'A Party Gone Wrong' stars Lauren Faulkner, Shellie Sterling and Kate Edmonds (IMDb)

A fun night out turns out to be anything but for April (Shellie Sterling) who finds herself fighting for her life, after attending a party with her best friend Brittney (Kate Edmonds). April who has a bit too much to drink stumbles into a cab to take her home, but finds that her driver has other darker plans in mind. April soon finds herself in the middle of a devious money making scene, where her organs could be up for sale on the black market.


'A Party Gone Wrong' kicks off  Lifetime's 2021 summer slate, which follows the theme Summer of Secrets. Amy Winter, EVP and Head of Programming, Lifetime and LMN speaking about the summer line up which includes films such as 'The Secrets She Keeps' and 'Gone Mom' says, "Off the success of our Ripped from the Headlines slates, we are doubling down on what women love on Lifetime for our first annual Summer of Secrets slate. These stories captured our collective attention and are the perfect kick off to summer with the stranger than fiction moments and revealing secrets that had everyone talking.”


Let's find out more about the cast of 'A Party Gone Wrong' who are all set to give us chills this summer. 


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'A Party Gone Wrong' releases on Lifetime on May 31 (IMDB)


Shellie Sterling as April 

Shellie Sterling stars as April the protagonist of 'A Party Gone Wrong', who actually seems to not want to attend the party in the first place due to the presence of what seems to be an ex-boyfriend. However, her mother Tracey (Nicole Danielle Watts) tells her not to let a boy get in the way of her having a fun night out, advice her mother comes to regret after her daughter is kidnapped. Prior to 'A Party Gone Wrong', Sterling was known for her roles in the series 'Snowfall' and the sci-fi adventure 'Meteor Moon'. 


Shellie Sterling stars in 'A Party Gone Wrong' (IMDB)


Nicole Danielle Watts as Tracey 

Nicole Danielle Watts plays April's fiercely protective mother Tracey, who will not rest until she finds her kindapped daughter and puts herself in harm's way without a thought. Watts is a seasoned performer with decades of experience in music, theatre and film production as well as acting of course. Besides her work in on screen projects such as 'My Little Girl', 'The Cleaning Lady', 'Be(lie)f' and 'Outcast', she is also known for the roles she has played on stage in productions such as 'Little Shop of Horrors', 'The Wiz', 'Chicago' and 'Suessical'.




Kate Edmonds as Brittney 

Kate Edmonds plays April's best friend Brittney who ultimately doesn't have her friend's best interests in mind. Prior to 'A Party Gone Wrong' Edmonds was best known for her work in 'Root Letter', about a pen pal who uses letters to solve a mystery and 'Secrets on Sorority Row'.


Kate Edmonds stars in 'A Party Gone Wrong' (IMDb)


Lauren Faulkner as Taylor

Lauren Faulkner plays another of April's friends in 'A Party Gone Wrong'. Faulkner is known for her roles in 'Caroline', 'Feeder' and 'Attendance is Required'. 


Kate Edmonds, Shellie Sterling and Lauren Faulkner star in 'A Party Gone Wrong' (IMDb)


Who are the other stars?

The other stars of 'A Party Gone Wrong' include Carol Ann DeMarco, Conlan Kisilewicz and Emerson Niemchick.



'A Party Gone Wrong' formerly known as 'Trapped Daughter' has been directed by Dylan Vox and written by Scotty Mullen. You can catch 'A Party Gone Wrong' which premieres on May 31 at 8 pm ET/PT on Lifetime. 

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