Beau Brown: 7-foot tall man kicked off flight for being unable to fit in exit row seat

Beau Brown: 7-foot tall man kicked off flight for being unable to fit in exit row seat
Beau Brown was told to switch flights due to his height (TikTok)

For people who stand as tall as 7 feet, flying can be quite a hassle. Beau Brown from Atlanta, Georgia, faces this every now and then because he towers at an astonishing 7"1'. Recently, Brown had taken a flight from North Carolina to Georgia. Brown booked one of the exit row seats for himself because the exit row seems always has more room and would fit his legs better. However, when he got on the flight, Brown realized that the seats won't be able to accommodate someone his size. 

The 29-year-old man ended up not being able to fit in his seat and was informed that he would have to get off the flight. The airline then went on to book him on a different flight to Georgia and upgraded his tickets to first-class to apologize for the inconvenience caused. Brown shared the story on Tiktok where he has an active following of 1.7 million. He stated that he was initially worried that the flight would not be able to accommodate him on any of their flights. "Travelling is always a huge struggle for me and flying can be seriously uncomfortable", Brown said.


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In his Tiktok video, Brown talked about his experience at the airport and the series of events that followed once he realized that he wouldn't be able to fit in the flight. "When I boarded the plane I'd booked an exit row seat which is usually enough space for me, but on this occasion I was still too tall to fit. My knees touched the seats in front of me, and I was pined in, unable to sit down or get up. I told the stewardess that I didn't fit and she was really lovely about it. The airport staff then told me I'd be switching flights, but they'd be bumping me up to first class which was pretty sweet." Beau said in his video. 



Brown, who is a cinematographer by profession, stands at a height of 7'1" and faces issues with his height in not just flights. He has all his clothes specially made to fit him. Beau is married to wife Sarah who is 6'1" herself. 

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