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63 and fabulous: Marie Osmond glows as she flaunts slim figure in skintight clothes after shedding 50 pounds

Marie Osmond gained a significant amount of weight after her son's death, but the singer has now lost some of it and talks about her weight struggles
American singer Marie Osmond stuns in a recent video where she dons a body-hugging blue top and fitted jeans to show off her slim figure while discussing her weight loss program
American singer Marie Osmond stuns in a recent video where she dons a body-hugging blue top and fitted jeans to show off her slim figure while discussing her weight loss program (marieosmond/Instagram)

PROVO, UTAH: In a January 2022 interview with Closer Weekly, American singer Marie Osmond spoke honestly about her weight loss struggle. For 15 years, the actress maintained her weight after losing 50 pounds. However, she went through a tragic time in her life when her son, Michael Blosil, died by suicide, which crushed her. Although she had put on a lot of weight, the Hollywood star has now subsequently lost some of it as she stuns in a recent video she posted in which she dons a body-hugging blue top and fitted jeans showing off her slim figure and talks about her weight loss program. 

The most important lesson Osmond learned from her weight reduction struggle, in her opinion, was to reject the notion that reducing weight entails following a rigorous diet. According to the singer, everyone bragged about being on a particular "diet" and wanted to be in the best possible form in the 1970s. She gave her best advice for this circumstance, "My tip would be don't think of it as weight loss, because the minute you think 'dieting,' you think, 'Oh, I can't have this,' and that's not what this is about."


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Food, according to Osmond, is not the "enemy"; one can eat their preferred meals as long as they keep in mind that they should only consume a fraction of what they eat. She claimed that consuming a small amount still enables one to feed themselves rather than attempting to "starve to death." The 63-year-old author acknowledged that she had been practicing her "once-a-month fast" for years. She did warn that it was not something she did frequently. The country singer claimed that if someone does it frequently, their "metabolism" shuts down and that it may even get to the point where they are unable to eat enough, which does not "work" for her. The seasoned celebrity claimed that food is her source of "energy" and that she needs to "eat."

When she lost her mother in 2004, she put on weight, which had a significant impact on her "health." After taking control of her life and conducting research, Osmond found the program she "believed" might alter her life—"and it did." The native of Utah lost weight with the aid of a program that provides wholesome food. The philanthropist revealed that she quit taking part in the program 15 years ago, but that she has since maintained her diet discipline. Osmond admitted that she didn't have the "energy" to pursue her successful musical career or spend time with her grandchildren when she "was 50 pounds heavier." The program, according to Osmond, has nothing to do with going on a "diet" and is mainly "a lifestyle" for her. "It's not about being skinny. It's about being healthy," she added.

The 'Marie' talk show host debuted on the show in 2007 at a weight of 165 pounds, her heaviest ever weight. On her social media pages, Osmond continues to discuss her struggle with weight loss. She posted a video of her stunning kitchen where she spoke about her program's success. It gave her "eating skills," according to Osmond, which have kept her "on track all this time." In the meantime, her followers thank her for her performance in comments on her social media posts.