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When does 'Riverdale' Season 5 air? Here are 5 shows you can binge on until your favorite CW series returns

If sinister murders and mysteries is what you're missing, then there is a perfect list of shows to keep you intrigued till 'Riverdale' Season 5 returns
(USA Network/ Netflix)
(USA Network/ Netflix)

The CW's 'Riverdale' has become a fan favorite over the course of its 4 seasons. Fans of Archie Comics were not treated to a quirky adaption of the comic strips, instead, they were presented with the dark and sinister happenings in the town of 'Riverdale'. Know as the "murder capital of the world", the town has brought us masked murderers, cults, hypnosis, long lost family members, cinephiles and many, many murders. With Season 5 currently filming, fans are eager to see the gang — Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and Cole Sprouse — graduate from Riverdale High, make it through prom without anyone dying and go on about their lives outside their haunting past.

Unfortunately, the release date of the much anticipated season is yet to be announced (stay tuned for updates). But, not to worry. If the sinister murders and the fake deaths are what you're missing, here are five shows you can binge while waiting for 'Riverdale' Season 5. 

'Pretty Little Liars'

'Pretty Little Liars' (Freeform)

#PPL made headlines after it garnered an intense fan base over the course of its seven seasons. The series is set in the fictional town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, and chronicles the lives of four teenage girls — Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale), Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson), Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) — after the disappearance of the cool girl of the group, Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse).

The girls are then forced to deal with intense stalking and messages from a mysterious individual named A, who's hell-bent on making sure the girl's secrets are out. Of course, there is a relationship drama, with Emily being in love with Alison, Aria getting involved with a high school teacher Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding), and much more. The drama may be daunting but it definitely has enough sinister value to have you binge-watching. From murders and manipulation to creepy towns and people, this high-school drama will make you wonder how these girls even leave their beds and get on with their daily lives despite living in constant fear.

You can catch the show on Freeform.


'Baby' (Netflix)

The Italian Netflix Original series made its debut in 2018 and is loosely based on the "Baby Squillo" scandal of 2014 where two young women from a high school in Rome were involved in an underage prostitution ring. The series is definitely edgy, and while murder may not be too much of a central theme, drugs, prostitution and all the bad things the wealthy do and get away with make the show a daring watch.

Its last season premiered this year, bringing the story of Chiara Altieri (Benedetta Porcaroli) and Ludovica Storti (Alice Pagani) to an end. The series still holds a dear place in the hearts of fans. It is a fast-paced show with enough suspense and rich people drama to keep you occupied. High schools are the best places to bring up forbidden romances, but we have to say that the prostitution angle is what makes the show a binge-worthy series. With family embarrassments to police catching up to the ring, you'd be at the edge of your seat wondering who will end up in jail.

You can watch 'Baby' on Netflix.


'Elite' (Netflix)

Ahh, this one's the closest one to 'Riverdale' we would say. There are enough murders and sex scandals to keep you watching. The series begins its tide when three-working class teenagers get scholarships to attend a rich people-filled exclusive private school in Spain, but their lack of solidarity with their peers ends up with the murder of someone close to them.

From random disappearances to shady romances, this feisty series is a must watch for sure. The show has already been compared to the likes of 'Twin Peaks', 'Riverdale' and even 'Gossip Girl' — all shows that have shown amazing numbers when it came to audiences. Most importantly, the series has also been praised for its open-mindedness when it comes to the exploration of sexuality, religion, xenophobia, homophobia, racism, toxic relationships and STDs such as AIDS. We also have to say that the soundtrack is to die for.

You can catch the show on Netflix.

'13 Reasons Why'

'13 Reasons Why' (Netflix)

If you've watched the first season, you may remember the hype that the series caused across the world. The series is of course sensitive as it touches on many triggering issues such as rape, suicide and murder. With its fourth and last season recently released, the show has come to an end but has left quite a mark on many who have watched it. It is, we would say, considerably sadder than 'Riverdale' and has a thrilling seriousness to it as it looks to educate people about mental struggles.

From a production point of view though, the cast's delivery of their characters is intense and impeccable, with a storyline that will hold up the suspense and keep you on your toes throughout the entirety of your binge-watch session. Singer Selena Gomez serves as an executive producer for the popular show.

Watch the show on Netflix.

'Dare Me'

'Dare Me' (USA Network)

This series might be our favorite from the five, saving the best for last. Besides the fact that it brings back 'Friday Night Lights' with a cheerleading squad and a lot more murders, the show is a must-watch for many other reasons. With only one season out, fans couldn't help but be invested in the three main characters Beth Cassidy (Marlo Kelly), Coach Colette French (Willa Fitzgerald) and Addy Hanlon (Herizen Guardiola).

Beth as a character itself will have you wanting a second season, but the fact that everyone has an agenda and everyone is a suspect makes a thrilling and fiery first season. Of course, it has all the high school drama, from drugs, relationships, bullying and more, making it sinister just like 'Riverdale' minus the singing and dancing. Besides, the cast is exceptional and the cinematography and direction deserved to be applauded. While you may be confused at first, trust us when we say, nothing will make sense until the end. We need a Season 2 asap.

Catch 'Riverdale' Season 5 on January 20, 2021, on The CW.