'4400' Episode 9: Soraya revealed to be a double agent, in cahoots with Jessica

Looks like the ally of the 4400 is in fact a wolf masquerading as a sheep and poses a real threat

                            '4400' Episode 9: Soraya revealed to be a double agent, in cahoots with Jessica
Kausar Mohammed as Soraya Khoury in '4400' (CW)

Spoilers for '4400' Episode 9 'Great Expectations'

The CW's '4400' returned from its break and brought in more drama and mystery than before. Based on the 2004 show 'The 4400', a CW reboot sees persons from various timelines suddenly transported to Detroit in 2021 and with unique superpowers.

'4400' previously established the fact that the government wants to control them and their unknown powers act as a source of fear. As the transported people discover their powers the threat to them keeps increasing. Fans are already hooked to the sci-fi drama and the ninth episode brought in more twists. Read on to know a juicy event from the episode and what went down. 


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Episode 9 saw things go haywire for some of the 4400 when Mildred's (Autumn Best) attack prompts public outcry and fear giving the government the opportunity to stronghold them. Working at the same time is Dr Andre Davis (TL Thompson) who is trying to figure out a code but being from the past makes him technologically challenged. This is when Soraya Khoury, who is a 'textspert' technician ( Kausar Mohammed) offers to help and try to figure out what the government wants from the 4400. The duo looks into Ypsi Medicals records but the files need to be compiled which Soraya offers to do and get back to Andre. We also see her curious to know about the others and if and what powers do they possess.

Meanwhile, DHS Agent Jessica Tanner (Wilder Yari) is actively trying to get the 4400 under the government conservatorship which is being opposed by Keisha (Ireon Roach) who is friends with Soraya. Later on, we see Soraya successfully isolate the code and identify a mysterious component called ZMT in all the blood samples of the identified 4400 which she shares with Andre leaving them both to wonder what it is. Meanwhile, Jessica seemingly suffers a blow when Keisha manages to convert the hotel the 4400 are being kept into a religious sanctuary effectively causing the government officials to leave. But it's all part of the plan and it was Jessica herself who let it happen purposely.

But the biggest twist came at the end of the episode when we see Soraya sit on a bench alone in the park at night and be visited by none other than Jessica herself. Handing her copies of stolen Ypsi Med files she enquires about ZMT. Calling Soraya Agent Abbas, she says she'll know in time and ends the meeting saying, " Welcome to the inner circle".

Looks like there's a bigger picture being played out and Soraya's the mole for Jessica. The 4400 are unaware of this concealed threat among them and will need to watch their back more than ever.

'4400' returns with a new episode on Mondays at 9 pm ET on CW.