'4400' Episode 9: Fans guess whether Rev Johnston's power is temporary or not

Is Rev's power able to take away the 4400's powers for good or is it just a short-term effect?

                            '4400' Episode 9: Fans guess whether Rev Johnston's power is temporary or not
Derrick A King as Isaiah 'Rev' Johnston in '4400' (The CW)

Spoilers for '4400' Episode 9 'Great Expectations'

The CW is the hub of amazing superhero and science fiction shows so it's no wonder that it brought another great one to its roster with '4400'. The sci-fi series is based on the Paramount show 'The 4400' and is its reboot.

The CW reboot like the original sees people from various points in time transported to the future and this time with superpowers. But society and the government being what it is fear them and are actively trying to suppress and control them. We previously saw one of the 4400 called Mildred attack one of the government agents, which would then be the perfect excuse to have them under their thumb. As new 4400's and their powers are being discovered, the danger to them is only rising. Read on to know a bit about what happened in tonight's episode and what fans thought of it.


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Episode 9 saw Isaiah 'Rev' Johnston (Derrick A King) share with Shanice (Brittany Adebumola) a strange event that happened when he stopped Mildred (Autumn Best) mid-attack. He says that when he touched her while trying to stop her, she was unable to use her powers on him when she tried. When Shanice quizzes him about the meaning of this Rev suspects that his power could be that of negation and that he can take away the 4400's powers. While he thinks the power is bad, she thinks it may be useful. Later in the episode, we see Shanice ask Rev to take away her power too, as she feels burdened by it. Although hesitant at first, he later does so successfully and easily after he makes contact with her skin. 

Viewers who were watching loved the new revelation but were also left confused about Rev's power. At first, he used the word negate and later said take away which left fans wondering whether this ability is temporary or permanent. Some guessed that it may be a short-term power and that Mildred and Shanice might get their powers back, while others just found his ability very cool as it potentially makes him the wielder of the ultimate power. Here's what they had to say.

A viewer said, "What do we think is really going on with The Rev’s power? @carefreeblerd @[email protected] #CW4400", while another guessed, "I think her and Mildred’s powers will return. I’m hoping his effect is temporary. #CW4400". A tweet read, "Same here. I’m hoping he just negates them/drains them for a while and they slowly return. Because if he is actually taking their powers I can’t even. That makes that man so OP!!! #CW4400".

Another fan commented, "I’m hoping they return after a while. Cause The Rev taking powers permanently don’t sit well with my soul. #CW4400". A user alos said, "Okay so I'm getting conflicted reports. Rev. said "negate" powers but then he said take them away. If he can take em away permanently he is SUPER OP. I think if he just can negate them I get it. #CW4400". Yet another tweet read, "Can Isaiah take away powers permanently or is it temporary? Cause then Millie won’t have powers if it’s permanent #CW4400".







'4400' returns with a new episode on Mondays at 9 pm ET on The CW.

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