'Black Lightning': Erika Alexander joins the cast as a therapist with superpowers

'Black Lightning' season 2 will see Erika's character Perenna help Jennifer cope with her powers while keeping her head in place

                            'Black Lightning': Erika Alexander joins the cast as a therapist with superpowers

CW's 'Black Lightning' is taking on board 'Living Single' actress Erika Alexander who is set to play the role of a therapist with super-powers. Helmed by Salim Akil, 'Black Lightning' season 2 is set to kick off on October 9 and will see Jennifer (played by China Anne McClain) come to terms with the powers that she clearly does not want. 

Erika's character Perenna is a telepathic therapist who is enlisted by Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) and Lynn Stewart (Christine Adams) to help Jennifer cope with her newfound powers and the mental turmoil that she goes through on being a metahuman. While Erika is set to appear for three episodes in the second season, her character could act as a catalyst in helping Jennifer realize her real potential and what she could do with her powers. Erika's character will surely add some interesting elements to the show since she has no clear counterpart in the DCverse. McClain had already indicated during this year's San Diego Comic-Con that her character Jennifer will go to a therapist. 


She had said, "I love that they're tackling it from that perspective of getting her a therapist because, as you can see in season one, Jennifer had so many psychological issues after getting these powers. So bringing the therapist in really is gonna help her control her powers. Because she's so powerful — her cells create pure energy — so if she gets really pissed off, that's not gonna be a good situation. I don't want to say too much on this topic because it's something we're filming right now."

While Jennifer has been an absolute opposite to her sister Anissa (Nafessa Williams), Perenna's insight into her chaotic life will pobably bring the two sisters closer. 


While the two sisters might work on their bond, Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) and Lynn Stewart (Christine Adams) will also probably move ahead as a divorced couple.

Williams had told reporters on the show's set, "We made a point that they're formally divorced, they're not separated, they're divorced, but I made a point of just from the moment I read the first episode, the pilot, that Jefferson still wears his wedding ring just because he is not giving up hope." He also mentioned that he and Adams did not even go to the writers to find out what the deal was with their characters. 

Williams admitted, "I think we both adopt need-to-know-basic-information so we haven't even gone to the writers and said, 'What's the deal?' We just put our head down and just started moving forward, which is really what the characters are going through. The finale happened and season two starts a week after that. I think, as a couple, as a family, we've just picked up our pieces and started trying to move forward. There's literally no time to have the... what do they call it, define the relationship? The DTR? There's no time to have it because then something hits us and then we got to deal with that and then this. We haven't, as actors, and the characters haven't either."