31st Seoul Music Awards: All performances and winners from 2022 SMA show

31st Seoul Music Awards: All performances and winners from 2022 SMA show
Aside from NCT 127, NCT DREAM, IU and BTS won other Grand Prizes (Daesangs) at the 2022 Seoul Music Awards (@SMA_global/Twitter)

The K-pop award season may be coming to an end, but the 31st Seoul Music Awards that aired on January 23 had moments that are being talked about all over Twitter. The 31st Seoul Music Awards (SMA) was held at Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul with Boom, Kim Sung-joo as well as AOA’s Seolhyun as the MCs of the show.


The 31st SMA came as a welcome surprise but the aftermath turned sour after some idols like The Boyz Eric tested positive for Covid-19 causing uproar on Twitter. Apart from the negatives, there were many moments that led to shocking reactions from fans when it came to performances as well as winners of the Grand Prize (Daesang) as well as Main Prizes (Bongsang) at the SMA.



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Winners from the 2022 Seoul Music Awards

The 31st SMA had many winners, some present some not, but the show saw amazing reactions from groups like NCT 127, who won their first Daesang. Shocked members of NCT 127 shared the honor of winning the grand prize, the biggest prize of the night, for their contribution to the industry over the last year. Members of the group were seen tearing up as they thanked fans after getting their first Daesang at the Seoul Music Awards. While BTS is currently on a hiatus and members did not attend the show, they still won three awards. Soloist Lim Young-woong became the biggest winner of the night and took home four award titles.


Read the comprehensive list of winners from the show.

Grand Prizes

Daesang: NCT 127

Best Album Award: NCT DREAM

Best Song Award: IU

World Best Artist Award: BTS

Main Prizes

Bonsang: aespa, Ateez, Brave Girls, BTS, Enhypen, Heize, IU, Kang Daniel, Lim Young-woong, NCT 127, Oh My Girl, Seventeen, The Boyz

Best Performance of the Year: StayC (Girl group), Enhypen (Boy group)

OST of the Year: Lim Young-woong

Trot Singer of the Year: Lim Young-woong

Ballad Singer of the Year: Red Velvet’s Wendy

R&B/Hip Hop Singer of the Year: HyunA

Discovery of the Year: Lang Lee

Popularity Award (within Korea): Lim Young-woong

Popularity Award (outside of Korea) aka K-Wave Award: EXO

U+ Idol Live Best Artist Award: BTS

Special Jury Award: Jung Dong-ha

Rookie of the Year: Lee Mujin, OMEGA X, EPEX



By far, the most talked about artist from the 2022 Seoul Music Awards is HyuynA who is trending all over Twitter for her green dress as well as her powerpacked solo performance. What is actually making fans swoon is the cute romantic moment she and her longtime boyfriend Dawn shared on stage after the couple finished performing their duo single ‘Ping Pong’.


NCT had two subunit performances with NCT Dream performing ‘Hello Future’ and their hit single ‘Hot Sauce’ while NCT 127, the winner of the biggest award at the show, performed not one but three songs - ‘The Reason Why It’s Favorite’, ‘Favorite (Vampire)’, ‘Lemonade’ and ‘Sticker’.

Watch all the key performances from the 2022 Seoul Music Awards here.

1. Hyuna (Solo)




2. Hyuna and Dawn



3. NCT Dream


4. NCT 127 



5. Enhypen


6. StayC



7.Oh My Girl


8. The Boyz



9. Kang Daniel 


10. OmegaX



11. Brave Girls


12. Wendy of Red Velvet



Lee Mujin and Lim Young-woong also performed at the show but fans are yet to upload the solo performances of the two artists.

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 31st Seoul Music Awards: All performances from the 2022 SMA as well as list of winners from the show