312 Bar: Cincinnati pub staff spew anti-Asian hatred, admit to being racist in video

At least two of the Cincinnati bar patrons said 'yes', admitting to being racist

                            312 Bar: Cincinnati pub staff spew anti-Asian hatred, admit to being racist in video
The Bar's Google and Facebook page are now unaccesible (yelp.com)

A Cincinnati bar has been slammed after their staff appeared to admit to being racist. 312 Bar was recently criticized on TikTok, a video being shared by TikToker @melissaequality. Although the initial videos were taken down, others on the platform preserved it.

Among those who preserved the video is a user named @TizzyEnt, who shared the video remarking, “So if you happen to find yourself in Cincinnati, Ohio, and you’re thirsty. Let me show you where you don’t want to go for a drink.” The video clip being talked about shows '@melissaequality in media res' engaged in a heated conversation with a bar patron, who says, “Put that on TikTok so Chinese can look at it.” The woman behind the bar said, "Go f***** tell your 30,000 followers that …”, and the TikToker finishes by saying, “That this is a racist bar, and they shouldn’t come here, right?”


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The patrons, at least two of them, responded with a "yes", but whether or not the staff concurred is not clear. Perhaps the assertion on the part of the bar patrons was sarcastic, but @TizzyEnt rightly observed, "There may even be a few people in the Cincinnati area who might have a problem with what you’re doing and saying, and come tell you about it.”

@TizzyEnt was not the only one to share the video with his take. Many others took to TikTok to express their dissent, including TikToker @soogia1, who has over 3,00,000 followers. “They admitted it themselves. It’s a racist bar and they don’t want you to go there," she wrote. “I love knowing that that smug little not-nice girl behind the bar realizes that it is so much more than just 30,000 people. Now, literally millions of people have seen this video. I hope she’s crying. I know that’s mean, but I hope she’s crying," she added.

312 Bar's website is now down, with their SEO meta description as “a friendly bar located in Deer Park,” where they apparently “treat strangers like friends, and friends like family” intact. The link from Google goes to a page saying, "Error establishing a database connection.” The bar's Facebook page is not accessible either, showing the default "This Content Isn’t Available Right Now" message, followed by a text reading, “When this happens, it’s usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it’s been deleted.” The bar's Google reviews remain unaffected as of now. The last review comes from a person who posted it about a month ago, which reads, “I’m a traveling salesman and my job often brings me to Cincinnati. The 312 bar is my FAVORITE place to go.”