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'You thought WHAT?': Reddit thread exposes just how clueless some men are about women's bodies

From 'periods makes you horny' to 'why can't you just hold period blood like pee?' — some of the funniest misconceptions men have had about women
Reddit Users share the most hilarious misconceptions men have had about women (Screenshot from Reddit)
Reddit Users share the most hilarious misconceptions men have had about women (Screenshot from Reddit)

When men are asked about women, they often say things that are unexpectedly bizarre and hilarious. Reddit user u/CateleyaJackson posted under the subreddit r/AskReddit to get the women of Reddit to share anecdotes about the funniest misconceptions they have found men have about women. She said, "Women of reddit, what's the funniest misconception a man had about women that he probably still believes to this day?"

This certainly invited some responses that are facepalm worthy and too funny to be real. As per the report made by Bored Panda, the user talked about her inspiration behind the post. She said, "One of my friends had a hilarious misconception about periods and my friends and I had laughed about it. They thought that periods just never end, that we'd be 99 on our death beds and still bleeding out. It inspired me to want to ask people about other misconceptions they had faced."


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Let us take a look at some hilarious ideas men have had about facts related to women.


User Nice_Plants4367 shared, "A male classmate who sat behind me kept whispering my name, so I turned around and asked what he needed. He said he had a really important question, but didn't want to seem stupid. At this point, I was still under the impression he was talking about something regarding the class so I just told him to ask and I'll do my best to answer. He proceeds to ask, "A girl's vagina is just like an inverted dick, right?" I was so caught off guard by the question that I never actually gave an answer."


Another experience shared by user sweetpotatonerd had a story about how her male friend thought about period blood and how  sanitary napkins worked. They said, "My male friend told me that I don't necessarily know what blood looks like. And that when period blood gets soaked up by a pad or tampon it's no longer visible and soaks into the product losing the blood colour. So pads are always white and dry."


Sometimes the misconceptions are so funny that it also surprised people who are not a woman. User Raxtenko shared a story about their friend saying, "Not a woman but I had a friend who got upset because his girlfriend couldn't hold her period in like pee because it's the same hole."


There are so many wrong ideas men have about periods that it sometimes leaves people confused and speechless. User TheLittleCas shared a story from her date saying, "Went on a date with a guy whilst on my period. We ended up kissing on the date and he asked if we could do the deed. I told him that I was on my period and didn't really feel up to it. He rolled his eyes and sighed." She then added the remark made by the guy, "Can't you just hold it in? I promise it's worth it." As a conclusion, "I didn't have any words, just left."


This brought savage reactions from others. User Raspberrynator said, "Plot twist: It wasn‘t worth it lol" while user KitKatCookie9 added her story, "Had similar experience but the guy replied, "I thought being on your period makes you horny?" And kept pushing for it." She then added, "No dude, I'm having cramps and in pain, headaches, fatigue, I only want to sleep. By myself."



User nicococat's friend believed a medicine was capable of inducing periods in males. She said, "Years ago, when I was in high school, I had a classmate start telling me that his back hurt from being awake so long. I offered him an extra strength midol bc I had it and it works pretty well for general pain relief; and he refused it......on account that he didn't want to have a period. He would not be convinced thst midol didn't cause periods."


We know how periods are a big mystery for men and these posts gave a whole new insight about the misunderstandings men have had regarding the same and about women in general.

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