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'I'm going to take your eyes': Adults share the CREEPIEST THINGS children have said to them

A few kids predicted someone's death while others remembered people from their past lives!
Creepy things kids say
Creepy things kids say

Children sometimes say the creepiest things, eerie enough to send shivers down the spine. A Twitter thread documented how it is often the toddlers who say things that are so completely random, it makes adults wonder "where did they learn this from." Sometimes it feels like they see things we cannot or that they are chanelling memories from their past lives. While there is no explanation for this behavior, it is often bone-chilling yet interesting to learn about the creepy and eerie things children have said.

One Twitter user went to share their story while also asking other users to share anything eerie they heard a child say. And this query certainly brought forth many anecdoted by creeped out adults sharing stories of their own child or their nieces and nephews. The original poster's tweet read, "What’s the eeriest thing a child has ever said to you?" She then went on by sharing a story of her own, "When my daughter was around 4-5, she calmly insisted that she had once been married to a man named Brad Huffington. When we asked what had happened to him she replied with a note of sadness, "he was lost at sea."


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She then also shared an update on the same story from the present when her now 21-year-old daughter reminded her of "Brad who had lost his leg in the sea." She said, "Update: I mentioned this tweet to my daughter (who is now 21) and she reminded me that Brad lost a leg while serving in the Navy prior to his demise and that they had five kids together."


This prompted a lot of users to share stories from when the kids around them creeped them out with their unsettling statements. While sharing a picture of a child's drawing, one user replied, "At age five, my son drew a portrait of our family of four with two tiny upside down people. A year later I gave birth to twins."


Another user shared a creepy incident, "OMG I HAVE ONE. This isn’t about my kid though. We were at a funeral and my aunt has passed. Our cousin was sobbing and her son, he looked at her, I believe he was 4 ish, and he said, I don’t know why you’re crying, you’re next. AND SHE WAS THE NEXT FAMILY MEMBER TO DIE"


Someone quoted this tweet and recalled the incident when a child had made a creepy remark which got no reaction from the child's own family but was very sinister. The tweet read, "Standing next to a family crossing the street and their youngest, maybe 5, looks at me and says "I'm going to take your eyes." No expression, and not a single family member even blinked. I think about that often and it still shivers me timbers."


Another instance recalled by a user included 'Hahas' as it recounted their child's words when he was 3 years old. However, when the same child was reminded of what he used to say, his parents were shocked by his response. The tweet said, "My 3yo would sit and stare at the same corner of the ceiling and say he was looking at the Hahas. Responding to questions, he said Hahas were all black, had no eyes, no face, but a big mouth, and sometimes they hang on the staircase too, and then we stopped asking questions." It then continued, "He stopped mentioning them by 5yo. At 8yo it felt like nbd, and we brought up the Hahas. He didn't remember them at first, but then he did. He got really quiet. Said he didn't want to talk about it anymore and left the room. He is 15 now and I will never bring them up again."


A user explained the creatures mentioned by the child had great similarities to those mentioned in Buddhists texts. She said, "Buddhism talks about these creatures — I think they say they are harmless, but they eat emotional energy that we give off like sadness, fear or anger"


Whatever the reason behind these, it is true that these encounters are enough to make grown-ups wonder what how their perceptive children really experience this world.

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