2022 Weverse Con: Air date, how to watch, tribute to Seo Taiji, and all about HYBE's NYE celebration

2022 Weverse Con: Air date, how to watch, tribute to Seo Taiji, and all about HYBE's NYE celebration
The 2022 Weverse Con [New Era] announced the lineup of HYBE's New Year's Eve festival for 2021/22 (Weverse)

Now that HYBE has officially launched itself globally as one of the biggest labels from South Korea, it started an ongoing tradition since New Year’s Eve of 2020 by hosting a 'HYBE Artists Exclusive' celebration like many of the year-end song festivals. Here, only HYBE Artists were invited to the celebration; and continuing on with their own tradition, HYBE has announced their 2022 Weverse Con: New Era, which will feature a wide range of HYBE artists.

The '2022 Weverse Con' has also revealed their full lineup of performers that features all HYBE K-pop acts except BTS, who are currently enjoying their much-deserved vacation after more than two successful and productive years.

Alongside their stellar lineup of K-pop acts, HYBE will also have International sensation and American/Canadian singer Justin Bieber joining the event online. In a poster released by Weverse on December 20, fans were rather astounded to see the American/Canadian singer in the same frame as other K-pop acts.


HYBE announces ‘2022 Weverse Con’ with TXT, Enhypen, Seventeen as well as Justin Bieber


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HYBE artists team together for the New Years' Eve show (@ENHYPEN, @TXT_bighit, @pledis_17/Twitter; @justinbieber/Instagram)

Air Date

The 2022 Weverse Con: [New Era] will be held online and in-person on December 31, 2021, at 5:30 pm KST (3:30 am ET).


The 2022 Weverse Con [New Era] will be held at the Korea International Exhibition Center (Kintex Hall 4) in Ilsanseo-gu, Gyeonggi, South Korea.

The 2022 Weverse Con will be held in-person as well as broadcast online for international fans (Weverse)


The 2021 Weverse Con is available for fans to watch, globally, on Weverse with a valid ticket purchased from the Weverse Shop. Tickets for the in-person event are limited for purchase for Korean as well as international citizens currently residing in South Korea due to the travel restrictions because of the ongoing pandemic.

How to Watch

The show will be broadcast simultaneously as an in-person event. Fans will be able to watch the online non-face-to-face event from the comfort of their homes. Tickets for the same can be purchased from the Weverse Shop.




The 2022 Weverse Con will feature most of the artists under HYBE including

Justin Bieber (Online Performance)
Lee Hyun



Spoilers and Special Stages

It was also revealed that alongside its star-studded lineup of idols and singers from the K-pop industry that are managed by HYBE, the 2022 Weverse Con will also air a tribute to the monumental artist, Seo Taiji, who is pretty much responsible for the spread and growth of K-pop over the years.


Giving fans a spoiler about the special tribute stage, HYBE said that via the medium of the 2022 Weverse Con: [New Era], the label desires to honor musicians who have had a huge impact on popular music history, share their music, and deliver the theme and message of that year's performance with a deeper resonance.



It is expected that this tribute stage will resolve all qualms amongst fans and everyone is able to enjoy music and performances regardless of generation, genre, or border. The 2021 Weverse Con saw a tribute stage for the late Shin Hae-cheol, which was the first tribute stage in the new format of HYBE’s ‘Weverse Con'.

This year, the 2022 Weverse Con will honor the 'Culture President' Seo Taiji with a tribute stage that will commemorate the 30th anniversary of the debut of Seo Taiji. Artists participating in ‘2022 Weverse Con’ will present a song arranged by Seo Taiji with their own interpretation.


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 2022 Weverse Con: Air date, how to watch, tribute to Seo Taiji, and all about HYBE's NYE celebration