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2022 ISAC Winners: Results from the IDOL Star Athletic Championship's Chuseok special

After a lot of anticipation, the 2022 ISAC Chuseok Special has finally ended with an in-person event that was attended by various K-pop groups
UPDATED SEP 14, 2022
List of winners at the 2022 Idol Star Athletic Championship include P1Harmony Intak, Kep1er Xiaoting, NCT, and many more (withmbc/Instagram)
List of winners at the 2022 Idol Star Athletic Championship include P1Harmony Intak, Kep1er Xiaoting, NCT, and many more (withmbc/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: The 2022 Idol Star Athletic Championships were something that fans had been looking forward to for months. When it was announced that ISAC was coming back for an in-person event this year, fans were excited to see fourth-gen idols interact for the first time in person. After making their debut around the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the newest generation of K-pop has not seen many interactions at a large scale so ISAC 2022 comes as a welcome surprise.

The games were conducted in July whereas the in person event was aired on MBC as part of a Chuseok Special. Since South Korea is celebrating the Chuseok festival since last weekend, fans of the Korean Entertainment were able to watch the three-day event from the comfort of their homes. Over the first two days of ISAC 2022, fans witnessed male idols from groups like The Boyz, Stray Kids, Ateez and NCT compete in a game of Archery whereas the other games played so far included Dance Sports and e-Sports.


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Winners at the 2022 ISAC

Among the athletic games that have been played at the 2022 ISAC so far, Day 1 and Day 2 of the show did not have as many events as it is expected for in Day 3. The first day of the sports event saw the male group idols compete in Archery while four female and male idols individually participated in the Dance Sports event on the same day. Day 2 was dedicated to e-Sports where most all the winners were male idols. Day 3 of the 2022 'ISAC - Chuseok Special' will feature track and field games as well as women’s archery, and outdoor sports like futsal among others and will air on September 12 at 5:20 pm KST (4:20 am ET).


Boys - NCT’s Sungchan, Shotaro, and Jungwoo
Girls - Brave Girls

Dance Sports (New category added as of 2022)

Boys -
Gold - P1Harmony’s Intak
Silver - WEi’s Kim Donghan
Bronze - YOUNITE’s Eunsang

Girls - 

Gold - Kep1er’s Xiao Ting
Silver - Billlie's Tsuki
Bronze - Kwon Eun-bi


Solo - Tempest Lew

Duo - MCND’s Bic and Huijin



60m Track

Boys - Ateez Wooyoung
Girls - Cherry Bullet May

400m Relay

Boys - Ateez
Girls - Weeekly

Futsal - MVP - Kim Jaehwan

Winning Team - White team Kim Jaehwan (captain), Ha Sungwoon, Taehoon (TAN), D1 (DKB), Louis (Kingdom), Minjae (MCND), Dongyun (Drippin), Kyungyoon (DKZ).

Losing Team - Blue team WOODZ (captain), Seoho (ONEUS), Eunchan (Tempest), Hyunseung (YOUNITE), Junmin (ATBO), Jeong Sewoon, Seunghun (CIX), Yongseung (Verivery), Yohan (WEi).

Watch all three full episodes of the '2022 Idol Star Athletics Championships' with English subtitles here.