'13 Reasons Why' season 2 tackles a lot more issues than the previous one

With teen pregnancy, sexual assault on men and an almost school shooting, season 2 of '13 Reasons Why' has proven to be no less bold. 

                            '13 Reasons Why' season 2 tackles a lot more issues than the previous one
Cast of '13 Reasons Why' (Source:Getty Images)


Over the last two years, 13 Reasons Why has evolved to be probably the most controversial show ever. The first season handled bullying, sexual assault and suicide, leading to it receiving a lot of flack for the way the issues were portrayed on screen. But the second season which was released for streaming on Netflix on May 18 handles all of that, and more.

With teen pregnancy, sexual assault on men and an almost school shooting, 13 Reasons Why's Season 2 has proven to be no less bold. 

Hannah Baker's parents lose their lawsuit against the school regarding their daughter's death, but her offender, Bryce does meet justice. Hannah's classmate, and initial friend at Liberty High, Jessica, is able to recount to the judge how Bryce had raped her while she was unconscious. Other girls and women, including Nina and Courtney, come forward about their own experiences too.

But while Bryce does lose all of his scholarship offers, including a canceled baseball season for the school, he is sentenced to just 3 months in probation. Even his sidekick Monty, who was brought in for questioning about intimidating witnesses, denied everything.

Meanwhile, Tyler is back from a diversions program, having moved past his anger issues and all ready to take major steps forward. But things soon get gory for the boy as Monty blames him for baseball season getting cancelled and what follows next is pretty horrifying. 

Tyler is in the bathroom and Monty walks in. Finding him all alone, Monty slams his head against the bathroom mirror and sink, followed by dunking his head under water. Monty and his teammates don't stop at that and proceed to hold him down, while Monty sodomizes him with a mop.

The season continues with the Bakers holding a service for Hannah where Clay gives a speech and finally decides to let her go. Later, Hannah's mother shows him a list Hannah had made about why she shouldn't end her life, and Clay was two of the reasons why.

Other significant events unfold with Clay's parents adopting Justin, who's still struggling with his heroin addiction. Also, Chloe confesses to Jessica later on that she is pregnant with Bryce's baby and doesn't know what to do.

Things go down at the school dance primarily as Tyler pulls up to the event with guns in his trunk. Clay tries to stop him, saying he'll regret going ahead with it. Amidst that conversation, Tony drives up and takes Tyler away before the cops could get there and the season ends on a cliffhanger, where Clay is left holding the rifle, with Jessica and Justin standing next to him.

The plot left a lot of scope for another season, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. But luckily, this season offered some sort of closure to fans of Hannah, by revealing the cutesy relationship she had with Zach, as opposed to the horrid fate she was shown to meet with throughout the season.