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Hannah Baker's return to Season 2 on '13 Reasons Why' isn't just with flashbacks

Clay Jensen is still heartbroken and tries to get over his dead beloved by dating Skye but he soon finds out that Hannah Baker isn't gone yet
UPDATED JAN 16, 2020
 Katherine Langford (Source:Getty Images)
Katherine Langford (Source:Getty Images)

Are we ready yet? 13 Reasons Why season two lands on Netflix on May 18 and while anticipation soars, the first review reveals how the dead girl, Hannah Baker returns.

Hannah Baker, played by Katherine Langford will be back on the show, in a prominent capacity, despite Hannah's tragic suicide at the end of season one and Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay Jensen, hinting that she will be appearing only in flashbacks.

In a previous interview, Dylan suggested that many of Hannah's never-seen-before flashbacks will cover new ground by featuring other new characters. "I think that you'll see more interactions between Hannah and some other characters we haven't seen before," he said. 

After the review, it really looks like season two will be featuring Hannah in flashbacks as each episode follows a different character's testimony as the Baker family's lawsuit against the school goes to trial. Each character will be sharing their version of the events Hannah described on the tapes in season one.

But unlike what Dylan suggested, Hannah Baker does not only return as flashbacks. She becomes a ghost-like entity to Clay. He can not only see her but also interact with her.

"This season, Hannah is a ghost. Not a fleeting spectre that haunts the peripheral vision of her living loved ones, but a walking, talking, Patrick Swayze-in-Ghost ghost. 'Are you corporeal?' Clay asks, in one of many one-on-one chats he has with the apparition, which only he can see," EW says in their season two review.

"The writers’ decision to use the device is baffling; Hannah’s presence is not needed to drive the Polaroid mystery forward, and Langford makes far more interesting appearances in flashbacks, as students share new, often-revelatory memories of Hannah during their testimony," elaborates EW.

It is understandable that Clay is still broken-hearted over Hannah’s death and is trying to move on by dating Skye (Sosie Bacon), a young woman struggling with emotional issues of her own. But Clay’s life is once again disrupted when someone starts leaving mysterious Polaroids in his locker after the audiotapes were done and dusted. The Polaroids indicate that Bryce and his buddies may have assaulted other girls and Jessica (Alisha Boe) is urged to come forward and change her perception about rape.  

We can know the true reaction of the fans only after the show airs this Friday.