'ONLY 2 handbags': Robbers mocked as 14 men steal $120K-worth Louis Vuitton products

The 14 suspects, dressed in masks and hooded sweatshirts, fled the scene in three different automobiles that had been waiting for them

                            'ONLY 2 handbags': Robbers mocked as 14 men steal $120K-worth Louis Vuitton products
14 masked individuals were seen in viral video robbing a Louis Vuitton store in Chicago ( @activeasian/Twitter)

A Louis Vuitton store in the Chicago suburbs was robbed overnight of almost $120,000 worth of products and the perpetrator was captured on video. More than 14 individuals stormed into the store and dispersed out, loading their arms with bags and other merchandise before fleeing.

According to authorities, more than a dozen individuals invaded the store in a Chicago suburb and were recorded on security video snatching bags and clearing shelves. The crime occurred on Wednesday, November 17, at about 3:30 pm at the business in the Oakbrook Center in Oak Brook, Illinois, according to police.


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According to police, the 14 suspects, dressed in masks and hooded sweatshirts, all fled the scene in three different automobiles that had been waiting for them. According to witnesses, the masked criminals were seen fleeing through the streets with their hands full of clothing and bags. There were no injuries reported, and no weapons were seen.

One of the three vehicles allegedly used in the crime was recovered by the Chicago Police Department on Friday. A Dodge Charger was reported stolen in Chicago in October, according to Oak Brook police. The stuff seized was believed to be worth $120,000, according to an update from Oak Brook police on Friday. "We are currently generating and following up on various leads in order to identify the perpetrators in our event," Oak Brook police stated on Friday.

This is the second organized attack in the previous week on a Louis Vuitton store in the United States, with the last one happening on the Louis Vuitton store in the Bay area. 



Many users on social media expressed their concerns regarding the incident. One user tweeted, “Flash robs are a thing now. 80 people flash robbed the Nordstrom in Walnut Creek and 14 people flash robbed a Louis Vuitton in Chicago. More than $100,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. The People have had it. I’m not saying I’m rooting for it. But what did the rich expect?”

One commented, “we need a word besides “looting” for these incidents. clearly, a planned event where a few dozen people do a smash and grab, assault employees etc. steal a bunch of stuff. that’s robbery.”



One also posted the police preparedness in the area after the incident happened, “Major police operation outside of the Northbrook Court mall in the Chicago suburbs where a Louis Vuitton has been hit by looters several times in the past few weeks." "Police have erected a security tower outside of the mall for enhanced security due to the looting events," another post read.



Another tweet read: "South Loop: Man is charged with driving stolen car that's linked to $120K Louis Vuitton heist - CWB Chicago." "In Illinois over $100k in items were stolen in a smash n grab at a Louis Vuitton store. $100k!! That’s like two handbags at a Louis Vuitton," said a user.





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