'1000-lb Sisters' Season 3: Fans worry as Tammy continues to date men who fetishize her

With Tammy refusing to comment on how she met her new man, Phillip, fans worry that she's ruining her progress

                            '1000-lb Sisters' Season 3: Fans worry as Tammy continues to date men who fetishize her
Tammy and Amy Slaton on '1000-lb Sister' (TLC)

For Tammy Slaton, while her health has always been a source of issues, her love life isn't smooth sailing either. Tammy has always been on the search for love and despite her negative experiences in the past, has not given up hope on finding someone.

While her previous relationship with Jerry Sykes proved to be toxic as he did not want her to lose weight and continued to fetishize her size, Tammy claims she has now found someone with whom she is taking things slow. In a conversation with her niece, Emily, Tammy stated that she wants to get healthy to be able to support her nieces and nephews, as she is pansexual and sees herself as a person they can rely upon, to be honest with. But her new relationship might not be as healthy as she is making it out to be.


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While Emily spoke about how she has found love with her new girlfriend and is grateful for her, Tammy was nothing but supportive of seeing her niece live authentically. However, when it came to her love life, her niece was worried that Tammy had found a man who wouldn't support her weight loss journey. There certainly was cause for concern, as the producers later asked Tammy if she met her new man, Phillip, in a BBW chat room. Tammy's refusal to answer was very telling, and fans grew concerned as well.

"Is there some kind of minimum weight threshold for BBW? Because I kind of feel like Tammy could lose 200, 300, 400 lbs and still be OK on one of those sites. I'm not getting why she's sticking with that 600+ #1000lbSisters" tweeted a fan. "If Tammy is gaining weight and messing up what little progress she made to please a man. She’s a damn fool. #1000lbSisters" added another. "The men that Tammy is meeting look at her as a fetish, that’s not going to fulfill her need and want for love. She has to grow to the point of loving herself, ask me how I know #1000lbSisters" noted a fan. "tammy doesn't want to talk about it anymore because she knows it's true. she's looking for people like jerry because they like her size, fetishizing her size and she just goes with it girl there are better people out there, look for them instead! #1000lbSisters" stated a fan. "Tammy, I found the PERFECT man for you because this is the ONLY man you need in your life. Girl swipe right on this one. #1000lbSisters" added a fan, pointing out that the 'My 600-lb Life' doctor, Dr Younan Nowzaradan might be the only one out there who can truly help Tammy get healthy.











Fans also seemed to worry that Tammy might be putting too much strain on her relationships and damaging them beyond the point of repair. "I love Tammy, but my god she needs to get her sh*t together cause at this rate she'll end up dying within the next 10 months 1000lbSisters" added a fan. "Tammy is so totally grooming her niece to take her in next. Since she’s done been kicked to the curb by all siblings and mom. So she can eventually manipulate and mistreat her until she burns that bridge too. Tammy chooses this life, because she likes this life. #1000lbSisters" argued another.





Do you think there is hope for Tammy to change? Sound off in the comments below. '1000-lb Sisters' airs on Monday at 10/9 c on TLC.

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